Than to treat the guppy for plavnikovy decay

Than to treat the guppy for plavnikovy decay

Plavnikovy decay at the guppy belongs to a bacterial disease to which many species of fish are subject. If in time to reveal it, then it is successfully treated in house conditions.

Plavnikovy decay at small fishes appears for many reasons. Decrease in immunity at fishes, appearance of new inhabitants of an aquarium, low-quality replacement of water – all this promotes distribution of plavnikovy decay. If the disease was shown because of bad keeping of small fishes, then it is necessary to change conditions to the best. If decay struck the guppy, then it is worth beginning to treat a small fish.

Signs of defeat

At a small fish pale, thin and shabby fins, they often have property to disappear. To treat it is necessary to begin when fins begin to turn pale, otherwise plavnikovy decay will move to a body of a small fish, and the small fish will die from it.

Muddy eyes. Plavnikovy decay gets to an aquarium through a forage or when settling of the new infected individuals. Badly purified water the ideal environment that bacteria began to breed that further lead to decay. Water should be changed in an aquarium weekly a minimum for 20%. Decrease in resistance (resilience) to diseases at small fishes is shown at water fall of temperature. It promotes reproduction of the bacteria causing plavnikovy decay.


This disease is very well treated, the main thing, in time to take all measures. At detection of sick inhabitants of an aquarium, it is necessary to make replacement of water by 30% and to normalize the water temperature ideal for contents. If the guppy "lives" with others to small fishes, it should be transplanted for the period of treatment in other capacity. Drug treatment is carried out as for all inhabitants of an aquarium, and is individual. To dissolve 1 tablet of a levomitsetin in 20 liters of water. Previously Levomitsetin it is necessary to pound in powder and to mix with a small amount of water. It is necessary to pour in medicine in an aquarium with small fishes. This procedure needs to be carried out 3 days. At the same time it is necessary to do water replacement, with addition of medicine before full treatment of fishes. Treatment by streptocide. It is necessary to dissolve 1.5 g of powder in ten liters of water and to pour in an aquarium. To take the guppy in solution no more than 30 minutes. This procedure is carried out by 1–2 times a day, 4–5 days. Salty bathtubs. To dissolve teaspoons of salt in 6–7 liters of water 3 and to hold a small fish of 20 minutes. To use food salt, at all not iodated. Also treatment can be carried out by means of such medicines as "Bitsillin 5", Furatsillin, Biseptol. When treatment of plavnikovy decay came, it is necessary to repeat a course in 5–7 days, for the purpose of strengthening of result. Usually fins after defeat and in due time begun treatment are recovered slowly, everything depends on a condition of a small fish and on circumstances of her contents. Plavnikovy decay will not be got in aquariums which contain in perfect tune.

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