That the lilac cat means

That the lilac cat means

At cats set of effective colors. And one of them – lilac. It does not belong to number of natural cat's colors: selectors received it relatively recently and only thoroughbred cats can brag of lilac wool. As a rule, it either British, or oriyentala.

As the lilac cat looks

Color of hair of lilac cat reminds cocoa with milk: gray with an obvious bluish-pink shade. The intensity of color at the same time can vary therefore the color of lilac cats is subdivided into three options: actually lilac, lavender and lighter izabellovy. Sometimes cats with such coloring are also called "platinum".

Kittens of such color usually are born from crossing of blue cats with chocolate: for receiving a hair of this rare and unusual color at them the recessive gene of a chocolate color and also the recessive gene weakening color which blue cats have have to "meet". Purely statistically such combination of recessive genes occurs only in 25% of cases therefore lilac kittens in a dung meet quite seldom. And according to specialists manufacturers, for receiving lilac kittens in nursery it is necessary to conduct selection work about 10 years. Now the lilac cats received by the Dutch manufacturers are considered as the most effective: at them the pink outflow of a hair is expressed most brightly.

Small pillows of paws, a nose and a fringing of a mouth at lilac cats in color it is also very similar to color of wool, but their shade is a little another: more bluish. Kittens are born with bluish-gray eyes, but then they change color for constant, yellow shades. Most often it is saturated copper tone, but the iris can sometimes be orange or golden.

Lilac colors

Color at lilac cats most often monophonic. Among oriyental spotty animals sometimes meet – more dark roundish stains located on all body. At the British the lilac color is almost always uniform. However, kittens on a body can have marks – specks or strips, but as the kid matures, they disappear. As a result on a body of a lilac cat is not present a uniform light speck, and a strand of wood are evenly painted on all length. The soft underfur can be slightly lighter, but it should not affect the general tone of wool in any way. Too contrast underfur or unevenness of color of wool is considered "marriage of a color". Also British cats of a marble lilac color meet – the symmetric, more dark strips forming the drawing reminding a butterfly on shoulders and a back. It is one of the most rare coloring of marble cats, and such animals very unusually and effectively look. In documents on an animal the lilac color is designated by the letter "with", its official international name - "Lilac" or "Lavender".

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