The best breeds of dog for children

The best breeds of dog for children

Making the decision on the choice of breed of dog for children, many parents are lost in a huge number of the provided information. First of all it is necessary to be defined, to the house this future family member for what purpose is accepted. It will be or the loyal friend and the security guard, or the devoted servant and the assistant, or perhaps he will participate in mischief together with the kid and to please all family members with the activity and enthusiasm.

Irish setter

The choice by consideration of breed of dog for children should be stopped on this gentle and kind setter with intelligent manners. Does not accept loneliness and a lack of attention at all. Will make friends with all who live in family: whether it be cat, dog or any other representative of fauna. Will keep the good company to the kid at jogs, active games and will execute his any command at sufficient training. To bathe such dog for children will not make complexity, they are quite quiet and give in to any manipulations from the child. Frequent combing is necessary only for a setter with long wool. Special attention when leaving should be paid to a food allowance since this breed possesses the increased allergic reaction.


If your child is mobile, active and the choice of a beagle – the most optimal variant does not sit in one place. Easily and just approaches people, is absolutely suitable for families with small children. Considers pets who live in family as production and does not trust of the Exception there can be only dogs. Having become attached to the person, hard transfers parting, even temporary. During this period becomes irritable and destructive. Hair of a beagle does not demand a special care, it does not fade and is not displaced. The lack of this breed of dog for children can bring inconvenience both to the owner, and neighbors – the beagle very loudly barks. Therefore it is necessary to be engaged in education from early age though it and happens not easy. 

Cocker spaniel

Representatives of this breed of dog for children become the excellent friend, participate in all games, have cheerful nature and differ in a peculiar tenderness. Dogs of this breed are very attached to family members in which they live. Are on friendly terms with all animals living in the house. From early age it is necessary to teach a cocker spaniel of independence, otherwise the excessive dependence and attachment can affect character of a dog. Pleasing the owner, very quickly give in to training.

Hunting roots of a dog for children will serve as excellent advantage – they will accompany the kid in all active games, overcoming all obstacles (ladders, hills).

Representatives of this breed are subject to diseases of eyes, often have deafness and violation of a vestibular mechanism. Dogs for children have to be not only a toy, but also the full member of family therefore the kid needs to be involved in bathing of a cocker spaniel sometimes.

Golden retriever

This breed is not aggressive and benevolent at all not only to members of the family, but also to strangers. Therefore the security guard from him will not turn out. Their distinctive feature – the high level of intellectual opportunities. Children will be delighted with games with a golden retriever. In "bring games – give" will be great entertainment and good physical activity at walk. These dogs for children will be an excellent competitor in swimming on the river or the lake.

During the spring period the pets of this breed strongly fade, but it can be avoided partially, daily looking after wool. Combing needs to be made accurately, without hurting at elimination of the confused lumps. Spaniel ears trailing therefore are often subject to penetration of an infection. Special attention should be paid them to periodic cleaning.

Labrador retriever

The desirablest of all breeds of dog for children. The child can perfectly cope with training of a Labrador because they are very obedient and attentive. Direct in the behavior and very active on walks, dogs not quite will be able to cope with a role of the security guard. Housing for them has to be rather spacious. The Labrador needs regular walks and constant attention of family members. It is undesirable to disregard for the long period of time: they can strongly suffer. Option for family with the small child not the most suitable. At the time of the game or manifestation of tender feelings the Labrador can overturn the kid.

Care for it is very peculiar. The top layer of wool does not allow moisture penetration because it is too rigid. Depilating at regular combing died off, you thereby reduce a problem of an excess hair loss at a molt. It is necessary to bathe a dog as seldom as possible, using shampoo in the minimum quantity.

Very often Labradors are subject to diseases of eyes and joints. If you stopped the choice on this breed of dog for the child, then keep in mind: attention should be paid to the pet's food, the probability of allergic reactions to some types of products is high.  


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team