The best breeds of dog for protection of the private house

The best breeds of dog for protection of the private house

It is known that my house – my fortress, but also is often necessary to it protection from uninvited guests. A huge number of modern security systems is developed, but many owners still trust only four-footed security guards. For this purpose it is necessary to choose a big animal with dense wool who trusts only the owner and members of his family, capable to transfer a heat and cold, to it, perhaps, it is necessary to live in the box or the open-air cage.

If you look for a canine friend which still should become a security guard, do not elect representatives of hunting breeds and also newfaunland and St. Bernards. The first got used to hunt, and the second are engaged in rescue of people. So on what breed to stop the choice?

1. German shepherd. These dogs are famous for security qualities, and they can smooth out the house, the apartment, a garden, a kitchen garden, etc. Not casually, German shepherds can often be met on military service and police. These are clever and cunning dogs, they are friendly and easily give in to training, are capable to maintain heavy physical activities.

2. Caucasian sheep-dog. This animal of the huge sizes, with her will definitely not be terrible. The sheep-dog madly kind and tender with the owner and his family, especially with children, but will not leave uniform chance of rescue to the enemy. That it was operated, it is necessary to spend a lot of time for her education.3. The Moscow sentry. The strong animal capable to become the ideal security guard and the devoted friend including to children. The Moscow sentry adores the family and with mistrust concerns strangers. A dog it is necessary to keep houses or in the open-air cage, but she cannot almost be chained.4. Unpretentious, devoted riesenschnauzer to the owner and brave. He adores children and is ready to suffer long their tricks, easily gives in to training and is ready for everything to protect the owner and his family, even to offer the life. The riesenschnauzer very active, he does not sit in place and demands long walks and outdoor games.5. Central Asian sheep-dog (alabay). A strong and big dog, it is necessary to approach her education extremely responsibly. Important there are a lot of time to devote to trainings that the dog even in a rush of rage obeyed the owner. I Alabat long walks are extremely necessary to spend excess energy. The Central Asian sheep-dogs are stubborn and often seek to show it therefore it is better for people to get such breed resolute, with experience of training of similar breeds.

These five breeds of dog – great security guards of the private house, it is possible to keep them in the open-air cage or the box. But it is important to remember that no animal can be chained. Such contents will embitter a dog, will worsen her health (both mental, and physical).

If you live in the apartment, then pay attention to other breeds: Dobermann terriers, Rottweilers, Staffordshire terriers, Kan Corso, boxers. They are courageous, ready in any situation to protect property and the owner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team