The biggest snake on the planet. Anaconda

The biggest snake on the planet. Anaconda

The anaconda is considered the largest snake on all globe. Treats to family of boas. Average length is 6-8 meters. There are larger individuals reaching in length of 9-10 meters. The weight of such snake can reach 250 kg. A light color, with brown-green big dark stains. The anaconda very much likes to be in damp forests, more precisely in the rivers and swamps of these woods.

These snakes spend the most part of time in water. Thanks to the fact that nostrils are closed by special valves it can remain long in water that allows to ambush successfully. Anacondas practical deafs. However they all over catch even the smallest fluctuations. Also the anaconda has colourless scales which close eyes. During a molt the anaconda becomes blind. Not the poisonous snake therefore she does not bite the production, and begins to smother. After the victim ceases to breathe, the anaconda swallows production, since the head.

These dragons most often eat birds who swim on a water surface and also animals which manage to be caught. The anaconda can sometimes eat even a small crocodile. In a clear weather of a dragon creeps out on the coast to get warm in the sun. If the reservoir in which there lives an anaconda dries up, then she can creep in other reservoir located nearby. If all reservoirs in the district dry, the anaconda falls into hibernation, disappearing at the bottom of a reservoir, and leaves only during a rainy season.

But not the huge size distinguishes it from other snakes. One more difference is that the anaconda does not lay some eggs, and gives birth to live cubs. For once she can give birth to about 40 rather big vipers. Their sizes can reach 80 cm. If to catch an adult live anaconda and to put her in bondage, then she will die soon. However cubs easily adapt in bondage.

There are many stories according to which anacondas killed people. But, most likely, they are embellished. An anaconda – a clever animal therefore she will hardly begin to attack the adult as she understands that it is difficult to cope with such production. But there are reliable data according to which, these snakes attacked and killed teenagers.

Thanks to the American movies, many consider an anaconda real the murderer. But actually circumstances develop a little differently. Rather a person does to an anaconda serious harm, is for her threat. Some species of these snakes in the world were completely destroyed because the person breaks the native habitat of giants. The anaconda well breeds therefore in reserves and zoos it is possible to receive good posterity from them. Thanks to this feature, the enormous snake still remains a part of fauna of the planet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team