The causes of rash on a stomach at a dog

The causes of rash on a stomach at a dog

Dogs, as well as people, can be ill too. And the most part of a disease will be identical to human. It can be both pneumonia, and prostatitis, and cystitis, and even rash. When the owner of a dog sees that she had red specks on skin, he falls into a stupor. In this case at once it is necessary to see a doctor to understand what is it.

Appearance of rashes on skin at a dog usually leads to the fact that wool becomes dim, in places can even drop out, the animal begins to scratch. And this itch can not stop practically for a minute. Naturally, the animal needs to be helped. It to it brings discomfort and can lead to rather serious problems with health. When combing by sharp-clawed paws the dog can bring an infection in deep layers of skin that will lead to spread of infection, inflammation of fabrics and other problems.

Experts claim that at any manifestation of rash even if it seems to you that it is normal, it is better to address the expert. It will help to do not pass the beginning something more serious.

Reasons of appearance of rash in dogs

The reason of appearance of rash in dogs can become almost anything. For example, if at an animal fleas were got. Their stings will represent small red specks which besides very strongly scratch. Emergence of the red itching spots can be easily caused by common food allergy which is usually shown at dogs in response to the excessive use of protein. Therefore first of all it is worth checking a forage.

To assume that protein is only in canned meat, a mistake. It contains both in a bird, and in fish. Therefore try to create the diary of food of the pet and to observe his reaction.

Besides, the allergy can arise on detergent. For example, if you changed shampoo with which washed a dog before, etc.

To what diseases points appearance of rash The rash which developed at a dog can indicate a huge number of various diseases. It both dermatitis, and eczema and also deprive, itch, lyamblioz and other diseases. From among serious diseases which the developed rash can indicate call plague, tuberculosis, tumors, a streptococcal and staphylococcal infection. If you found in the pet of a rash not only on a stomach, but also on inside of hips, near an anus, on the head, a nose, lips and gums, of it there is, most likely, a piodermiya – a pustulous disease of an integument. It when staphylococcus and streptococci get more deeply into skin is usually shown and begin to breed there. Sublmirovanny forages, adverse ecological conditions and an inactive way of life of an animal become the piodermiya reason more often.

Treatment for rash Naturally, it is necessary to cure first of all the main disease which causes problems. Without it rash will develop again. However too nobody cancelled symptomatic treatment for simplification of a condition of an animal. The wool vystriganiye on an affected area will be an optimal variant. First, treatment will go more intensively. Secondly, nothing will irritate in addition the skin of an animal. It is necessary to process the damaged sites of skin disinfecting solutions. Such traditional medicines as brilliant green, iodine, etc. will be good in questions of treatment. In the started cases it is necessary to give to an animal an antibiotic course. What, the doctor has to tell. Naturally, any violations of a condition of a dog lead also to decrease in immunity therefore there will be superfluous no inclusion in a diet of the pet of various vitamin complexes and immunomodulators. All this will help an organism of a dog to cope with the illness quicker.

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