The correct conclusion of chickens in an incubator

The correct conclusion of chickens in an incubator

Most of inhabitants of rural areas most often are engaged in cultivation of hens. Of course it is good when in economy there are enough hens and if only one bird sits down on a nest? In this case very much help out house incubators. But how it is correct to select eggs and to bring chickens?

The most favorable time for removal of bird's young growth - April - May. At the chickens brought in later terms, puberty takes place in the fall (in the conditions of gradually reduced light day). First of all, it affects development: before frosts the young growth does not manage to get stronger, the molt drags on (that will affect further efficiency and viability).

To reach good deductibility and to receive viable young growth, it is necessary to take care of quality of eggs for an incubation. First of all, regularly take out them from a nest, not that chicken will apply dirt and will spoil a shell of eggs paws.

The laid egg has the body temperature of a bird. Its contents, cooling down, decreases in volume. The free space which appeared as a result of it in egg through a time in a blunt end is filled with air. If in a nest a dirty, dusty laying, then together with air, microbes, mold disputes which promote damage and death of embryos come to egg.

When seek to grow up a large number of young growth on meat, it is possible to use eggs of any weight, except evident defects. Round, long or flattened from sides in an incubator do not suit for a bookmark. It is better to take eggs only with a strong, clean and smooth shell. Sometimes on its surface the dark stains meaning that it is stale eggs are visible. For an incubation they are unsuitable: soon after a bookmark in them appears and violently the mold expands.

It is better to place an incubator indoors where temperature is constantly maintained in limits of 15-22 degrees of heat. The fulfilled incubatory material is placed in a tray. In the device by this moment all necessary conditions have to be created: temperature, humidity, ventilation.

The entire period of an incubation can be divided into three stages which differ from each other in various indicators conditionally.

During an initial stage of an incubation of egg demand more heat, weak ventilation. They have to get warm.

The average period is distinguished a little lowered temperature, than in initial, but stronger ventilation.

During a conclusion temperature is reduced even more, and the humidity and ventilation should be enhanced. Before sample of young growth the humidity is reduced significantly that chickens dried up.

For eggs the initial stage lasts from the first to the eleventh day, average - is established prior to the beginning of a conclusion, and the output period - since then as you will hear peep of baby birds.

Do not forget to overturn incubatory eggs in trays (especially in the first days), otherwise germs can stick to a shell and die. Cooling - too is obligatory. Thanks to all this conditions of an incubation approach natural, created by hens.

To cool incubatory eggs it is necessary to begin with the average period. This operation can be combined with a revolution of eggs.

Whether long to cool? Bring egg by an age of an eye, and if do not feel it is warm, there will be enough cold,-.

Underheating too harmful affects viability of baby birds. It delays development of embryos, naklev is late, a conclusion stretches. The young growth leaves eggs with a pot-belly, inactive.

Incubation - business troublesome, quite difficult. In it it is difficult to become the expert at once. Everything depends on your skills, attentiveness. Observe (and write down everything), it will help you to make the necessary changes further.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team