The Scottish lop-eared – features of breed

The Scottish lop-eared – features of breed

Today many surprising cat breeds are removed. The young and refined breed "Scottish lop-eared" is very interesting. Kittens with wrapped up ears for the first time appeared in Britain in the sixties of the 20th century.

Exterior of the Scottish lop-eared

Scottish lop-eared (Scottish Fold) is a small cat with the roundish, perfectly filled trunk, dense and elastic plush wool. At an animal a turned-up small nose, huge round eyes with an innocent children's look.

The most distinctive part of a body of a Scottish Fold – ears which are not close from each other and as though hang down, thereby covering an auricle. This phenomenon became result of a mutation at the gene level, but looks very nicely and originally.

The color of hair of lop-eared cats can be the most various – monophonic, multi-color, striped and others.

Gene features of breed

Kittens of a lop-eared cat are born with direct ears. Only by three-four weeks their ears take necessary shape. By this time ears and can remain standing. Just this breed which called skottish streyta is necessary for further cultivation because lop-eared pets cannot be crossed among themselves.

Character and features of behavior

The Scottish Fold is characterized by "excellent sense of humour", likes to play with people, is not aggressive. This breed well gets on with other pets. A shortcoming of lop-eared favourites is what they cannot mew.

All beauty of the Scottish breed reveals at a cat. At the adult pet the weight can reach more than 10 kg that much more than at a cat. But even with such weight even the adult cat will not lie on a sofa all the time, and will play with pleasure.

Types of breed

The breed a Scottish Fold is presented by two versions - short-haired and long-haired. A trunk at cats quite powerful and stocky. Paws have the short and tidy form, a neck at them also rather short. The muzzle has well rounded off form with the created jaws.

At an adult individual cheeks, mainly at cats of Scots are well developed. In most cases the color of wool of lop-eared matches the color of wool. Only at a snow-white color various options colors of eyes can be marked. The tail happens different length, however it steadily corresponds to trunk length.

Care for the Scottish lop-eared

Lop-eared cats are allocated with comparative unpretentiousness and for themselves do not demand a special care. It is desirable to comb out their fluffy wool every day. As the lobe of an ear blocks ear pass, it needs periodically to be raised and examined that ticks were not got there.

To food animal also undemanding. But it is important to know that feeding has to be correct and timely, it is a guarantee of excellent health and longevity of a pet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team