To the beginning dog breeders: 7 main rules of care for a dog

To the beginning dog breeders: 7 main rules of care for a dog

When the puppy for the first time appears in your house, for you two life will change. The puppy will appear in the world of new feelings, smells and sounds. And you should follow the basic rules for comfortable and healthy life of your new friend.

As soon as the puppy appeared

Time that the puppy accustomed on the new place is required. He should understand that is dangerous and what things do not pose a threat for life and health. You have to help him with it. Your initial task is in to allowing to do to a puppy what will be forbidden subsequently to an adult dog. It is easier to make it at once, than to disaccustom then.

Also there are several basic rules to which it is necessary to adhere

Your dog surely has to take the place in the house. Some dog breeders are negative to a cage. And the cage is ideal option "dog apartments". If the area allows, it is better to get a cage of the biggest size. There it is possible to place a bowl with water, a plank bed, toys. And in the childhood there will be enough place and for "toilet". Dogs very much love cages or open-air cages where it is possible to hide from wordly vanity and excessive children's caress.

It is necessary to feed a dog correctly, but not food from a table. It can have an intolerance of spices and other ingredients. It is better to use a special forage which the veterinarian will help to pick up. If you want your dog to live long and was healthy, do not feed her with cheap sterns the house-keeper of a class. In these sterns and a dog it is necessary to eat very few useful substances a cheap forage much more, than more high-class. As a result and you will not save, and the dog will not benefit. From early age train a dog and bring up. In this question it is better not to be engaged in amateur performance, and to address the experienced instructor. Each dog demands individual approach which to define the instructor also will help you. It is necessary to walk a dog. It is necessary to accustom to it right after you did her vaccination. Before it is better to hold a dog of the house. Walks are very useful also to health of a dog, and to yours. It is regularly necessary to brush teeth to your pet. This procedure not really is pleasant to dogs therefore it is necessary to accustom gradually, since once a week. Then it is necessary to brush teeth daily. It is necessary to clean special paste and a brush which without effort can be bought in pet-shops. At least once the dog needs to be bathed in half a year. It is possible to use only special means for dogs. The dog needs to be surrounded with care, attention and love. It is necessary to play, talk to her. Puppies like to gnaw everything therefore take care of that to it dangerous objects, small rags, coins, drugs did not occur in the path. Get rid of plants, poisonous for dogs. In order that the puppy had no time to spoil things and furniture, buy for him several special toys. Dogs very much love sinewy bones. They inexpensive and useful both for teeth, and for mood.

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