We learn to speak a budgerigar

We learn to speak a budgerigar

It is not obligatory for that who dreams of the speaking parrot to buy a large exotic bird. Buy a little budgerigar, this breed is considered one of the most capable. Train the pet independently. At due persistence the parrot will please the owner with the first words soon.

It is required to you

  • - translucent fabric;
  • - dictophone;
  • - delicacies for a parrot.


1. The most perspective pupils are male parrots. Contrary to the developed opinion, samochka can start talking too, but they do it less willingly. A lot of things depend also on knacks of a bird. Some literally are quick to grasp words, others need long lessons. Some owners assure that abilities to reproduction of words are descended. Probability is high that baby birds of talkative parents will be talkative too.

2. It is recommended to buy a young parrot. Ideal age to start communication - one and a half months. In several days the parrot will begin to take a forage from hands, will allow to iron also feathers and to scratch a neck. It is not necessary to pick up it, it can frighten a bird. Better if the pet himself gets over from a pole on your finger and back. When the pet completely gets used to you, it is possible to start his training.

3. Be prepared for a lesson in advance. Since evening cover a cage with a parrot translucent fabric. Raise it in the morning, but do not remove completely. The bird has to pay attention to you and not distract. At once begin to repeat in advance chosen short disyllabic word. Usually it is a nickname of the pet or a greeting. The lesson lasts no more than 3 minutes, after that the bird will begin to distract. Give to the pet delicacy, for example, a piece of apple or grain bar. Cast away fabric from a cage completely and let's a bird have a rest.

4. Repeat a lesson every morning, at this particular time the parrot is especially attentive and susceptible. In several days, having cast away fabric, you will hear familiar words from the pet. Do not forget to treat a parrot, to stroke and praise him. After the pet acquires the first word, pass to the second, and then it is possible to begin to study short phrases.

5. The dictophone will help to accelerate training process. Write down on it words or phrases which you study with the pet. Include a dictophone several times a day. It is possible to try also lessons of a vocal, the bird will easily remember a simple refrain of a popular song.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team