What animal on the earth the most ancient

What animal on the earth the most ancient

The most ancient animals on Earth are so-called the Archean. These are the microorganisms capable to survive in the most severe conditions. Except archaebacterias, on Earth there are also other "long-livers" - ants. They in general are contemporaries of dinosaurs.

The most ancient beings on Earth – an archaebacteriaAccording to researches of scientists-zoologists, the most ancient animals on Earth are so-called archaebacterias (Archean). The phenomenal feature helps to survive them. The fact is that these microorganisms live in conditions under which any other organism just will not survive. It is difficult to believe in it, but the Archean survive at temperatures up to 90 wasps and in the conditions of high salinity.

Today the modern cosmetology uses archaebacterias in order that the structure of skin considerably improved.

Scientists believe that archaebacterias are founders of the beginning of life on Earth. And all this thanks to their phenomenal survivability in extraordinary conditions. The Archean meet even in the Dead Sea where in general there are almost no all conditions for life.

Exactly thanks to the miracle survivability these ancient microorganisms live in various corners of the world. For example, the Archean meet in waters of hot springs and also in the conditions of the increased acidity, i.e. in acidic environments. It can be both a seabed, and rock.

Ants – some of the most ancient inhabitants of EarthThese insects by right are considered as one of the oldest inhabitants of Earth. They are the real contemporaries of dinosaurs. Moreover, their unique intelligence and very difficult social organization interested scientists long ago. It is curious that for millions of years of the existence these insects almost did not change the appearance. Ants meet almost everywhere. According to statistical data, already more than 15 thousand different types of ants are described today. Moreover, each look has the features which are shown in the structure of a trunk, in appearance and, of course, in a way of life. Their social organization just strikes: from time immemorial ants live only families. In each of such families there is one and more female. The frame of any ant community is made by fruitless working ants.

Scientific several years tried to learn whether ants have reason. It turned out that do not possess. But many other opening were found. For example, to transfer each other information, ants use special pheromones.

At these insects the feeling of territorial property is very developed. A grief to that ant stranger which will break borders. If both insects meet in any neutral territory, then is just terribly moved apart the jaws and will disperse from the world.

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