What animal the cleverest on the earth

What animal the cleverest on the earth

Unfortunately, the cleverest animal on Earth does not exist yet. In sense, it exists, but nobody knows yet what the animal is: the fact is that IQ tests for representatives of the world of fauna it is still not developed. Nevertheless zoologists allocate several creations which, according to them, are considered as the cleverest among all animals.


1. Dolphins are some of the cleverest animals on Earth. Scientists claim that their mental capacities approach human and also do not concede to abilities of primacies in any way. Now zoologists in detail study these mysterious and surprising beings, trying to prove their superiority over other representatives of fauna already at the genetic level. Scientists revealed the following regularity: the genome of dolphins is amazingly similar to a genome of people! According to the researches published in the Proceedinqs of the Royal Society magazine the dolphins have certain genetic features which led to evolution of a difficult kognitivnost and to development of their large brain. Besides, zoologists and geneticists found out that these animals have an adaptive evolution of genes of nervous system which allowed quality to prevail over quantity. Scientists claim that bends of crinkles and also the relation of white substance to gray in a brain of dolphins in many respects and determine the level of their intelligence.

2. Rats are one of the cleverest animals in the world too. Not for nothing white rats are in most cases used as experimental animals. Now these beings win the increasing popularity as pets among youth. Life expectancy of these rodents fluctuates ranging from the 2nd up to 5 years. The brain of rats allows them to be conscious vindictive animals: you should not do harm to a rat and its posterity as she remembers all this and is waiting in the wings. Scientists found out that rats (thanks to the brain) are able to catch waves: they it is concentrated look in one point, and their head moves to the left at this time, to the right. The excellent rat mind does not allow them to get into trouble: they are very bright and resourceful. Their resourcefulness and resourcefulness in any given difficult situations or during getting of food just strikes! By the way, scientists still struggle with a phenomenon of "the rat king": about 50 rats are weaved among themselves by pads and tails, forming a huge lump. They also live in such situation, and eat and drink at the expense of a gift of other relatives.

3. Besides ordinary monkeys also four species of anthropoids (gorilla, a chimpanzee, an orangutan, a gibbon), as well as the person belong to group of primacies! If to speak about monkeys, but not about the person, then representatives of group of primacies possess a big and difficult brain: they can not only build any complex structures, but also even to control the environment. They conditionally verbally communicate with animals of the look, at them also certain skills develop: imitation, bipedalism, etc.

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