What animal to get with the small child

What animal to get with the small child

The small child can and has to communicate with animals. But not all pets are suitable for contents in the apartment with the kid. The best option – a clever adult dog.

Communication of the child with animals is very useful in respect of formation of mentality and the general development. People are torn off by nature now, do not live directly "on the earth" as there lived our ancestors earlier, walk a little in the country where clean air and is a lot of vegetation. All this can fill vegetation and living creatures in our houses and apartments.

With the kid it is not recommended to getOf course, any animal will not be suitable for family with the small child. Birds create a lot of noise, the cage needs to be removed often that was not around the scattered sunflower seeds, a dung and feathers. It is already possible to come into contact with birds at the age of reason, after 8 years. Some types very much become attached to the person, go on a hand, even budgerigars caress, such as. But it is difficult for small child to control itself, and he can either do much harm to a bird, or be "pecked".

You should not get small rodents, such as guinea pigs, hamsters, decorative rats and mice. These animals demand the delicate address what the unreasonable child cannot give. But interest will show. And to spend much time behind tracing, kind of the child did not pull out from a cell of the pet, and did not strangle one another, and the second the first did not bite - at all not an exit.

In the West the great popularity is gained by such method of treatment of sick children as a kanisterapiya (treatment by a dog). The children having autism and other frustration show good results of treatment after communication with a dog.

Smaller brothersIt is very good when in the house with the kid there are an adult dog or a cat. Adult animals are excellent friends and even doctors for small children. Children like to walk with dogs on the street and to play with them houses. Dogs most often reciprocate. Quiet breeds, such as Japanese chin, a poodle, the Irish setter, never offend small. They as though understand all the responsibility. Phlegmatic cats are suitable for communication with small children too. Some show even the maternal affection for the child. It is a lot of cases when at the moments of danger to the kid, cats called wild shouts to the aid adults. The fact that cats well influence people became almost scientific fact. The purring they can calm and lull too active child. During a disease of a cat quite often lay down nearby, and pain recedes.

Animals in the house with the child they need to impart, give regularly medicines from fleas, ticks and worms.

At an institution of a puppy or kitten there is also their close communication with the small child. But at first parents need to look constantly behind process of "friendship", the character will not be defined yet, responses of the new pet will not be clear. The inconvenience will be that for two kids double leaving is necessary. It is required to find time to accustom an animal to a toilet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team