What animals in Australia are

What animals in Australia are

On each continent there are features of fauna. Especially it is characteristic of such closed ecological systems as Australia. Studying fauna of this country opened for zoologists the new horizons. They could learn a lot of new about the history of development of fauna on Earth.

Considerable part of the types living in the territory of Australia belongs to endemic, that is in the wild nature they can be met only on this continent. It is connected with geographical isolation of Australia and with the fact that this continent was open and developed by Europeans rather late.

In the territory of the continent more than three hundred species of mammals live. The important place among them is taken by families of marsupials: kangaroo, marsupials wolves, mice, bears, anteaters and even moles. On other continents these types of animals practically did not remain, forced out by more adapted types. Also the most ancient mammals - yaytsekladushchy, for example, duck-bills live in Australia. Their existence proves evolutionary communications of animals with birds and reptiles and is the link between types which is absent in fauna of Europe, Asia and America. Also the world of birds of Australia is various. Its territory and the neighboring islands relating to New Zealand kiwis, ostriches of an emu and various types of parrots occupy. Among reptiles of the region it is necessary to mark out crocodiles. They are widespread in marshlands and in river valleys, but in the central part of the country where there are deserts, they are practically absent. The bulk of the Australian fishes treat sea, freshwater types are not enough. Sharks also live in coastal waters. The unique Australian fauna appeared more than once it is in danger. Therefore strict restrictions for import of plants and animals for the territory of the continent were introduced. Also in the country the system of national parks where animals can live at liberty and under protection of the state develops. The Uluru-Katayuta park, near the city of Darwin is most known. There access for tourists who can observe life of wild animals in the native habitat is open.

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