What animals kiss

What animals kiss

Often people attribute to animals of feeling which has. Unfortunately, animals do not test spiritual proximity, and are guided only by instincts. However many types show true tenderness to the partners and are even able to kiss.

With arrival of spring the nature wakens and there comes the love time for all living beings on the planet. Inflow of forces and romantic feelings is felt not only by people, but also their smaller brothers. Animals use a set of means and tricks to find the soulmate. They show the force and power, a beautiful dress and a loud voice, treat the partner with delicacies and show care of the future posterity. Of course, their communication does not do without games and tactile contact which is so similar to communication of loving couple. Some animals sniff at each other at acquaintance, others go further and kiss just as people.


Big and mighty giants are at first sight not similar to romantic lovers. However males begin to look after girlfriends long before the marriage period. They present to the ladylove tasty juicy branches and do her massage. During the dates of couple are weaved by trunks and synchronously shake ears.

Lovely and amusing seals like to spend long time together. Couple prefers to retire ashore during the date, gently touching to each other and merging in a kiss.

Meadow doggiesThese surprising little animals still those fans to kiss. They prefer to live big communities and the number of individuals can reach several thousand. They prefer to express joy of a meeting with members of the group by means of a kiss.

PigeonsThese birds since ancient times became a love symbol between the man and the woman. During the marriage dance couple turns, straightens feathers and loudly coos.

After pairing the pigeons long cannot come off from each other and spend time in kisses and cleaning of feathers.


Marriage dance of dolphins is capable to cause affection in any. Couple is long turned in water and shows each other the opportunities. Lovers adjoins the heads and fins, merging in a kiss.


Some species of monkeys like to express attachment to each other like people. Some exchange easy kisses, and others like to adjoin lips and language. Employees of zoos even sometimes complain of the favourites wishing to show them the attachment in this intimate form.

Giraffes do not kiss

Giraffes, contrary to popular belief, are not able to kiss. Two animals rubbing the friend about the friend in the photo do not mean romantic games at all, and even on the contrary is a peculiar fight between males which strongly exhausts them. Such confrontation can last up to 20 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team