What are breeds of the speaking parrots

What are breeds of the speaking parrots

Practically all breeds of parrots can learn ""to talk"", a question only in number of efforts which needs to be put to achieve it. The most sociable look is zhako. The speech of these parrots sometimes can be confused with human.

There is no final figure concerning that, how many types parrots lives on our planet. Scientists managed to count more than eighty breeds and three hundred types. Many of those who for the first time decided to get houses such exotic bird as a parrot are seriously puzzled. Having decided on what is expected from future pet – existence of motley plumage, melodious trills or a possibility of communication almost as equals, it is possible to start the choice of suitable breed.

Zhako, amazona, a cockatoo, the macaw, budgerigars are bright representatives of the look who will decorate life of the owners with beautiful external data and diversify with dialogues ""heart-to-heart"".

There were cases when the speaking parrots unmistakably reproduced the whole songs, knew more than 1000 words.

The organs of articulation of many species of parrots are unique — it allows them to repeat distinctly not only separate words, but even long phrases.

BudgerigarsBudgerigars strongly win first place in popularity rating. They differ in the small weight (40-50 g) and the size, beautiful plumage, and, above all - sweet, soft temper and the affordable price. It is possible to meet absolutely different coloring of this breed - dark green with yellow, white, blue, green, lilac and pearl.

The most gifted of budgerigars can remember up to sixty words. But here it is important to know - males are more capable in it. It is necessary to check before purchase a floor on a voskovitsa.

Scare a korell

Popularity rating rank second korella (or nymphs). By the size they are much larger than wavy - in height of a korella reach 30 centimeters, weigh up to 150 grams. The breed is optimum for those who for the first time decide to get a parrot, these birds are unpretentious, love fun and people, are easily trained. And melodious whistle of nymphs, will be pleasant to the vast majority of fans of parrots.

Parrot zhako or burokhvostyLately relevant began to get in the house zhako (a burokhvosty parrot). These are the most capable among the speaking breeds of parrots, they are incredibly bright and talkative. Zhako 200 words, and it only will easily remember the beginning. Even to make dialogue with the person or to others zhako - for them not a problem. And with other pets — for example, with cats these remarkable birds behave is often prepotent, feel like masters of the situation. Experts say even that these parrots have some intelligence. Here only they do not transfer loneliness - couple is surely necessary. They can live in the city apartment up to 60-80 years.

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