What birds fly from the South before all

What birds fly from the South before all

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It is impossible to tell unambiguously what birds before all fly from the South. The fact is that both rooks, and swallows, and ducks, and starlings, and, of course, larks are considered as messengers of spring. Just in different years someone from them arrives home slightly earlier, and someone a bit later. What it depends on – still not clearly.


1. Rooks. These birds are confused often with crows. Really, they are very similar among themselves as both bird species have quite menacing severe look. Their most important difference is the place of a wintering: crows are the settled birds who are wintering on the homeland, and rooks – flying, whiling away the winter time in the south. People regarded return of rooks from the South as commemoration of the beginning of spring and heat at all times. Rooks always bring the good news – a message about the termination of winter, for as have reputation of national favourites. People try to feed up good bulletins and to praise them for spring mood which they bear on the tails.

2. Swallows. These are one more "early birds" marking the emergence retreat of frosts and approach of spring. Swallows are called the first messengers of spring, the set of any given national signs is connected with these birds. For example, if swallows fly low, then the rain is planned if swallows lodge near a window, so in the house there live kind people.

3. Larks. Quite often and larks become birds pioneers of a warm season. The fact is that they do not depart too far from places of the nesting grounds therefore return to native Penates some of very first. The mass arrival of these birds begins still before snow, i.e. at the beginning of March completely descends. The first males as they play a role of intelligence agents home fly. Larks occupy the first thawed patches which are warmed up by the sun. Birds gather for them the whole groups and are heated in the spring sun. A bit later to the native land females of larks fly and begin to look for locations, comfortable for nesting.

4. Starlings. These birds, as well as larks, come back to places of the nesting grounds very much early – when still snow lies in fields. Ornithologists recorded the fact when the first starlings flied home already in the second half of February. However the bulk of these birds comes back home by the end of March. As well as in a case with larks, at starlings at first males, and then females fly.

5. Ducks. These waterfowl come back home at the beginning of April. Of course, swallows, rooks, larks and starlings already manage to fly home at this time, however it does not prevent ducks to be some of "the most early birds" years. Every spring many inhabitants of rural areas with impatience expect an arrival of ducks and geese. They have also the corresponding sign which always and at all times works: ducks come back – the spring came!

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