What character at the British

What character at the British

The British cats has aristocraticness and endurance. For many reasons the British are considered as ideal: a kind look, appeasable character, various color, simplicity in leaving. All these features of breed help them to remain at popularity top among other cats.


1. The British cats are known for the coolness and tranquility in any situations. They are very clever and brought up – the true aristocrats. The most surprising feature is that even the little kitten which was taken in the house will unmistakably find the toilet and a claw sharpener. Advantage in keeping of the British is their practical wool which does not demand a special care from the person. This very beautiful animal who besides has quiet temperament. The British cats enjoys special popularity at a female.

2. In spite of the fact that British is very similar to a teddy bear, it is necessary to treat it carefully and attentively. It patiently allows to do with itself(himself) everything, but within legal. If to offend him, can show the sharp claws which hides in round pads. These cats very sociable. Most of them are talkative and sociable, susceptible to mood of people.

3. They perfectly get on with all family members and other animals. The owner is loved selflessly, keeping the love throughout life. Serious are also not inclined to manifestations of feelings in appearance, but having come back home, after long absence, it is possible to see the true joy of a meeting in the opinion of a cat. The British are always faithful to the owners and are ready to forgive them a lot of things.

4. Quiet, self-assured British. Normally gets on with other cats. This breed usually does not impose the company, but with gratitude will respond to any manifestation of caress. They do not love the procedures made with them against their will. Well feel in the house though are at heart inclined to life in the open air. They are quite clever cats, at them there is a congenital intelligence. And these animals will hardly sharpen claws about wall-paper or to mew all night long. These qualities create an image of an ideal animal not similar to others. This cat always becomes the irreplaceable friend and the partner of all family. The main thing for them good leaving and the loving owner.

5. The British - some of the quietest and balanced breeds. They are always friendly and very independent. Getting this favourite, the person becomes kinder, is more balanced, quieter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team