What color of wool at animals is called agut

What color of wool at animals is called agut

Animals can have the most various and unique coloring. Pets meet monophonic wool, and some blow the mind the beautiful drawing or an unusual combination of flowers.


If to address terminology, then it is possible to obtain some information on scientific names of the most widespread colors. The animals who are evenly painted by one shade have color type Solid. And here the drawing on wool is called by tabb. It can represent strips, circles, abstract stains on the pet's wool. The special color of multi-colored wool gives a prepotent gene of an aguta. The gene is characterized by what gives to each hair the specific coloring representing cross alternation of dark and light strips on all length.

The color of type of an aguta meets in the nature at such animals as: cats, rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs.


Dark color gives to hairs a special pigment — eumelanin. It concentrates in bigger quantity in cages of dark strips and respectively in smaller — in light strips. The pigment granules having the extended ellipse form are located in hairs is rather discharged, creating a soft shade. It is possible to tell that the color of an aguta represents such coloring at which there is a division of hairs into the zones differing from each other in concentration of a pigment. There are three various options of a color of wool of an aguta. This is "chinchilla", tebb and shaded.

Aguti of a tebba

Geneticists consider that the color of a tebba is primary in relation to all rest. Therefore it is often called "a wild color". Tabby represents agut in classical understanding, i.e. wool is made of divided into light and dark strips, hairs. Allocate: a tebbi-mackerel which creates a tiger color and marble tebb. It gives to an animal an unusual look thanks to the spotty tail and wide stains on a back reminding marble. The small specks scattered on all surface of a body of the pet inform that before eyes the representative with a color spotty tebb. Abyssinian cats are bright representatives of animals with coloring Abyssinian tebb — the drawing is located only on a muzzle.

Aguti shaded and "chinchilla"

At such color the tip of each hair has more light-painted site, than all other hair. It gives to a color the soft gentle, kind of "raised dust" shade. Geneticists cannot still define what gene is responsible for emergence of such unusual color of pets and attribute this sign to a combination of two specific genes at once.

At a color "chinchilla" the pigment is concentrated only in the top part of a hair.

When the sign of a zatushevannost is combined from an aguta – there are colors "chinchilla" and agut shaded. The chinchilla is characterized by the fact that the hair is brightly painted on the end and rather pale on all length. By close examination of such animal, can seem that his wool sparkles. At the hair shaded agut the top half light, and lower – dark. Therefore the animal gets quite saturated, but at the same time a gentle quiet shade.

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