What diseases at hamsters

What diseases at hamsters

Hamsters became full pets long ago. Their popularity grows annually. Often hamsters are bought by parents for children. Care and for it is simple, but at the wrong feeding, the animal can get sick.


1. The first sign that the hamster is sick – refusal of food. It occurs because the sick organism remains in force on fight against a disease, but does not spend them for digestion of food. If the animal lies, often breathes, does not eat, does not drink, does not play, it obviously indicates that it ached. At rodents the accelerated metabolism therefore one-two days of a disease can lead to death of an animal.

2. If you do not know a cause of illness, the hamster needs to be shown to the veterinarian urgently. You should not self-medicate, many drugs are absolutely contraindicated to rodents and their thoughtless application leads to the instant death of an animal.

3. Hamsters can have infectious diseases: salmonellosis, Tizzer's (enteritis) Disease, kolibatsillez, lymphocytic horiomeningit. Parasitic diseases: trichomoniasis, tape worms and nematodes. Ektoparazita: vlasoyeda, demodekoza, fleas and ticks. Fungal diseases: a trichophytia (deprive). The majority of these diseases can be transferred from an animal to the person.

4. Non-communicable diseases are not transmitted from animals each other or to the person. They can proceed both in a sharp form, and in chronic. Cystitis, contamination of zashchechny bags, rickets, pulmonary diseases and intestines, various cancer new growths. As the reason of their emergence serve such factors as decrease in immunity, a lack of vitamins, bad leaving or heredity. At timely detection of a disease and the correct treatment, the animal recovers and pleases the owners.

5. For prevention of infection of the person and other pets with infectious diseases there is a number of requirements and rules at their acquisition. Buy animals in specialized shops, at the same time the cage with hamsters should not contain a large number of animals. Dense contents reduces the immune status of hamsters that leads to diseases. Learn from the seller where they buy hamsters for sale. In a good case it has to be one supplier who is engaged in animal husbandry.

6. In order to avoid helminthic invasions, it is necessary to degelmintizirovat all hamsters 2–3 times a year special medicines which can be bought in veterinary pharmacy.

7. It is not necessary to feed an animal a low-quality or old forage, it can lead to poisoning or the death of an animal. It is necessary to clean a cage and a feeding trough from the remains of food daily as the remains of a forage serve as the good environment for reproduction of bacteria.

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