What features of sight at dogs

What features of sight at dogs

There is a set of myths how four-footed favourites see the world around, and some delusions, unfortunately, even veterinarians divide. In the 21st century the science promoted in before, and today it is possible to claim with confidence that the sight at dogs is much better, than it is accepted to think.


1. Until recently was considered that at dogs black-and-white sight. The latest researches showed that this opinion was wrong. Really, is in a retina of eyes of dogs much less flasks – namely are responsible for perception of color – and completely there are no flasks sensitive to red and orange colors. But it does not mean that see the world colourless, their sight reminds sight of color-blind persons rather. Seeing eye dogs are not capable to distinguish green color of the traffic light from red and are guided on a stream of the movement.

2. Despite peculiar "daltonism", dogs in many respects are guided on color. Red wool of other individual will look for them greenish, but, nevertheless, will be able to distinguish it on a characteristic shade from all others.

3. Dogs have ultra-violet sight, but scientists did not find out yet why it is necessary for them. The only thing that can be told for certain, is that owners of UV-sight usually have no in an eyeball of the so-called "yellow spot" which is responsible for visual acuity and see quite indistinct picture – only 30 percent from what is distinguished by the person.

4. Dogs distinguish more shades gray, than the person, and perfectly are guided in the dark. At night they much more sharp-sighted, than in the afternoon. This ability is provided by an additional reflective layer of a retina – tapetum lucidum.

5. The dispute on whether it is possible to call dogs short-sighted is for a long time conducted. Actually, this concept is inapplicable to these animals, besides, the visual acuity is not so important for them. They, as well as all predators, perceive a moving object much better, and motionless can not notice. If the person swings hands, the dog will notice him even from mile distance.

6. The field of vision of dogs by 70 degrees exceeds that at the person: 250 on average, 270 – at hounds. A lot of things depend on breed: it is considered that borzois have the best sight.

7. Unlike cats, dogs do not watch TV as the frequency of alternation of shots on is optimized under the person and makes 50-60 Hz while at dogs sight frequency – 70-80 Hz. Therefore chaotic flashings do not merge at them in a uniform image.

8. At puppies the sight is finally formed only to four-months age. As pets have no need to hunt, with age the sight of the majority of dogs significantly decreases, just because do not need it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team