What fish of a pacu is

What fish of a pacu is

The pacu is the South American freshwater predatory fish. Its distinctive feature is existence in a mouth of human teeth. Ichthyologists carry this being to family of piranyevy fishes.


1. The South Americans living near the Amazon River unanimously say that the fish of a pacu living in it is the most terrible fish in the world. Of course, it is 25 kilogram being in the sizes concedes to the most dangerous fish in the world – a shark, however it does not prevent to keep a pacu in awe of coastal inhabitants and tourists. The pacu is the freshwater predator who is mainly living in the basins of Amazon and Orinoco (lowland of Amazon). It is reported that now this species of fishes extended to Papua New Guinea: there they are artificially bred for the good of local fishing industry.

2. Fish of a pacu has the general relationship with a piranha, however preferences, habits and the sizes of these two species of fish considerably differ from each other. For example, a piranha – exclusively carnivorous being, and a pacu – an omnivorous predator. Besides, the pacu grows more than 1 m in length what you will not tell about a piranha. Both the pacu, and a piranha have teeth, here only at the first they are similar to human, and at the second it is acute-angled cutters. The pacu with pleasure shows the teeth, without hesitating to apply them anywhere and everywhere. This predator is quite gluttonous fish, adoring eating the small mammals who are accidentally crossing Amazon.

3. A pacu – aggressive, strong, but inactive fish. Coloring of her body – contrast, but not poured all colors of the rainbow, as at other fishes. The body at this creation is painted in brown-silvery color, and its scales – in purely silvery. It is curious that at adult individuals the color becomes more dark every year. As a result the pacu turns into fish of exclusively black color. There is an opinion that the pacu – the vegetarian and is not dangerous to the person at all. It not absolutely so. Cases when these predators as if piranhas, attacked people, pulling out pieces of meat from their legs and hands were documentary recorded.

4. These fishes earned dangerous reputation after cases of their attack on fishermen from Papua New Guinea were recorded: predators bit off with it genitals. It should be noted that the pacu can use the well-known teeth also for crushing of nuts, and for crushing of various fruit falling from a tree to Amazon. It is curious that these fishes are bred also in house conditions. For example, in the USA these predators can be got absolutely freely almost in any pet-shop. Here only demands a condition of keeping of this being from the person of considerable expenses: the pacu grows in length more than 1 m, the big aquarium plus a continuous power is therefore necessary.

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