What fish surgeon received the name for

What fish surgeon received the name for

Fish surgeon is the name of fishes of the whole family – hirurgovy of group okuneobrazny. There are eighty species of fish of this family, including blue, striped, belogrudy, Arab surgeons and others.

From where the name undertookFishes surgeons (and sometimes and fishes scalpels) these sea inhabitants are called for their main characteristic – sharp as the razor, thorns which are located from above and from below a tail. Fishes use these thorns for self-defense.

Sometimes careless bathers and divers, having decided to touch a beautiful small fish, get quite serious wounds. At such trauma usually, besides processing of the wound, antiallergic prevention as individual reactions of an organism are possible is necessary.

As fish surgeon looksMost of surgeons are small by the size – to 40 centimeters in length, on average 15-18 centimeters. However, there is still a surprising surgeon nose who grows to meter in length. At fishes surgeons not a really high body, large eyes and a small mouth. They mainly eat seaweed, sometimes including plankton in the diet. Coloring of these fishes is very beautiful and various. So, all body of the striped surgeon is painted with bright narrow blue-yellow strips. The Belogrudy surgeon – bright blue, with a yellow back fin and the black head. A little more modestly the Arab surgeon with gray-black strips and orange spots under chest fins looks.

Where sea surgeons liveFishes surgeons like to live in tropical waters among coral reeves. The blue surgeon is widespread in the Indo-Pacific region. In the same place, from Africa to the Hawaiian Islands, it is possible to meet also the striped surgeon. The Belogrudy surgeon meets at the coast of Kenya, Maldiv, the Seychelles, Indonesia.

The Arab surgeon lives in the west of the Indian Ocean – from the Persian Gulf to the Red Sea.

Surgeons in an aquarium

Aquarians very much love for a bright coloring of these fishes. However keeping of surgeons is not so simple. First of all, fishes of this look are extremely exacting to purity of an aquarium. Its volume, by the way, has to be not less than 1000 liters. Besides, they compete for the territory and are very aggressive to other fishes (in particular males differ in it).

Surgeons live in the nature one by one, gathering in packs only during reproduction.

In addition fishes surgeons very badly breed in bondage. For this reason the representatives of a look who are not brought in an aquarium, and caught in the native habitat get to sale more often. Such "wild" small fishes very hard adapt to aquarian conditions.

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