What hamster to choose to the child

What hamster to choose to the child

In the world there are many various breeds of hamsters, but great popularity such breeds as the Syrian hamsters, Dzungarian won, Campbell and Roborovsky. In the choice of a rodent for the child rely on their features. All hamsters are night animals, they are active in evening and night time. But, at the same time, hamsters small by the size, and the child it will be simpler will learn to look after them. The cage with them takes not enough place, they eat a little, and it is a pleasure to watch them.


1. Dzungarian hamsters. This breed is considered dwarfish. The Dzungarian hamsters grow small, only 5 cm in length. A hair at them dark, with a black strip on a back. The cage for them is necessary small, the running wheel has to be about 10-15 cm in the diameter. Also to an Asian hamster it is possible to put a bathtub with sand in which they with pleasure will bathe in a cage – to clean a fur coat. In a cage surely there has to be water and food. Hamsters zernosmes eat; it is possible to indulge them vegetables and fruit, cottage cheese and cheese. The Dzungarian hamsters quite small therefore it is necessary to pick up them accurately, without closing in palms. Asian hamsters are badly accustomed to hands, very long get used to the owner.

2. Syrian hamsters larger by the size. In length they reach 15 cm. The Syrian hamsters are various color and to the different length of wool. The cage for the pet is necessary much more, than for the Dzungarian breed. It is necessary to feed these rodents also as well as other hamsters. Except food and water, in a cage surely there has to be a wheel with a diameter not less than 20 cm. Perhaps, with age the wheel should be changed because Syrians will not run in a wheel, small for them. It is not necessary to bathe these hamsters, they wash like cats. Them it is possible to accustom to go to a tray, just stand a toilet in that corner of a cage where the hamster goes. Syrian hamsters more friendly. They easily make contact, quickly get used to hands. Often they respond on the owner's voice. The Syrian hamsters differ from the others in the fact that collect food and material for the house in the zashchechny bags, and then stock in secluded places. Behind how Syrians manage, it is very interesting to observe.

3. Campbell – the most aggressive breed. These hamsters appreciate independence and are very seldom tamed. Also love them for this trait of character. Campbell's breed for busier persons who have no time to look after an animal and is not recommended for children.

4. Roborovsky's hamsters – rare breed of dwarfish hamsters. Unlike Dzungarian, this breed has no line on a back and legs are slightly longer. They are very active. Their distinctive feature is the social way of life. They do not live singles as other hamsters, and love the company.

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