What is eaten by polar bears

What is eaten by polar bears

Polar bears live in extreme conditions. It is a large predator, and it needs good nutrition not just to survive in the world, but also to manage to give posterity and to keep the look.

What polar bears like to eat

The polar, or polar bear is the largest overland predator living on our planet. He lives in subpolar areas, in severe conditions. To fill forces and to continue to live further, these animals have to be able to find that food which will help them with it. As in the territory of dwelling of a polar bear there is not enough vegetation, this animal eats practically only food of animal origin. It is possible to tell safely that this animal is a skillful hunter.

The main food for polar bears are annulate seals. This real delicacy for them. But, to catch them, the bear sometimes should hatch out a long time near outlets on ice. And such holes can be much therefore the predator needs to have great patience to notice the come-up seal. As soon as the potential victim appears in a zone of reach of a bear, that with a force breaks the blow of paws to an animal.

They can hunt seals, and watching for production at an ice floe on which these animals usually take place. Sometimes the predator creeps to the production, creeping up to it on a belly. The polar bear possesses one more tactics of hunting. From time to time he breaks off dwellings of seals which those build under thickness of snow. The predator on a smell finds the habitat of production and their cubs. For completion of the spent energy, the polar bear at first eats fat which will be transformed to energy over time. More often the remains of a seal eat up other predators, such as polar fox. Each 5-6 days the bear needs to get to himself a seal. Except this production, the predator can eat a sea hare, birds, and on the land can finish with a walrus.

Hard times for polar bears

Not always this mighty animal has such opportunity - to catch a large animal. Especially for them a hard time is that period when ices thaw, and bears have no opportunity to approach production. At this time the polar bear does not disdain both seaweed, and drop, hunts birds and their eggs. After hibernation it is hard for polar bear to find suitable food too. But sometimes waters of the cold seas present them a gift - carcass of a cachalot. At this time, usually lonely, polar bears can gather on some individuals. Often these predators leave to winterings of researchers or travelers. Here they, not especially hesitating in the actions, literally rummage in search of livelihood everywhere. Recently, against the background of global warming, life of a polar bear is under the threat. Thawing of ices perniciously affects on existence of the main production of this animal.

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