What is the cooling rug for dogs and why it is necessary

What is the cooling rug for dogs and why it is necessary

Dogs hard transfer summer heat. Their organism is almost deprived of sweat glands which would help to be cooled during a heat. Such is building physiology. The cooling rug - fine rescue for the pet in the hot summer.

Modern dogs accessory

Language - the only body at dogs which helps to cope with the increased body temperature. Therefore the animal often breathes and opens a mouth. New adaptation - the cooling rug can help with such situation. It resembles a usual laying superficially. Depending on dimensions of a dog it is possible to buy a rug of the necessary size. In it there are special polymeric granules made on modern technologies.

How to use a rug

That the rug "began to work" to destination, it should be lowered in cold water. Granules begin to absorb liquid and to bulk up. The rug during this process increases in sizes until inside is not filled with water. All preparatory stage will take about an hour. It is possible to observe with own eyes as the granulated layer increases in a size. In it cold will be late. The effect remains for 1-3 days. Duration depends on quality of a product, on ambient temperature, layer thickness. If to dip a laying into hot water, then the rug will work on the contrary and will warm the pet in the winter.

It is very easy to look after adaptation. The laying without problems washes water. Before cleaning it in a distant box, it is necessary to dry thoroughly several days. With such cooling rug it is very convenient to travel in summer months on the car or in the train together with the favourite pet. It is possible to fill up a cool stock during the trip, the rug should be moistened with water from under the crane or directly from a bottle. The cooling laying can be taken on the nature, to lay in the box and not to worry about health of a dog.

Gel laying

On sale there is a big model range of similar accessories for dogs. There are as expensive options, and more economic. A rug analog with the granulated layer is the gel laying which is cooled in the fridge and can provide a cool to an animal for 6 hours. It is impossible to place a rug in the freezer. Minuses of this model: small size, short validity period, negigiyenichnost. One more kind of laying for dogs is issued. Inside there is a special gel. At contact with heat (pet's body) it begins to be cooled. The difference of temperatures makes about 6-7 degrees.

How to choose a good rug

Upon purchase of a rug it is necessary to pay attention to a covering. To give preference to nylon or other natural materials. They are strong, durable, are easily erased. The cost of adaptation will depend on the size, color, internal filler, material for a covering.

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