What medicines are necessary for cold for a dog

What medicines are necessary for cold for a dog

With the onset of cold weather the dog can get sick with cold. Symptoms of this disease same, as well as at people: cough, cold and feeling sick. At a dog temperature can rise, and she will refuse food.


1. Cold in dogs is caused by an adenoviral infection. There are 2 types of Adenovirus. The virus gets into an organism of a dog in various ways: from communication with a sick dog or an animal which is the carrier of this disease. More often puppies are ill, adult dogs get sick at low immunity or in the absence of planned vaccination. The vaccinated animals practically do not get sick or carry an infection benign.

2. Treatment of a sick dog is appointed by the veterinarian. It comes down to elimination of symptoms and suppression of a viral infection.

3. Antiviral medicines: Anandin, Fosprenil. Are appointed in doses, according to the live weight of an animal. The course of treatment is calculated by these medicines for 5–7 days, depending on a condition of a dog.

4. Antibiotics: "Amoxicillin", Kobaktan, Tseftriakson. Some types of antibiotics are appointed 2 times a day, others - 1 time in 2 days. Everything depends on a condition of an animal and lack of allergic reactions to drugs.

5. Vitamins and immunomodulators: Vitam, Vetom, "Gemobalans", Ribotan. Are appointed on an equal basis with antibiotics as are capable to keep intestinal microflora. Here it is possible to carry various probiotics for dogs.

6. Symptomatic drugs: if at a dog the vomiting began, then it is appointed Tserukal or Metoklopramid, only in injections as at repeated vomiting the efficiency of this medicine in tablets sharply decreases. At cough mukolitichesky substances are appointed. If cough dry also passes to emetic desires, then mucous a mouth and a throat it is possible to irrigate with herb infusions or medicamentous sprays.

7. At the increased temperature (it is higher than 39 degrees), the animal can give "Paracetamol". To a big dog 1 tablet, average — a half, small – a quarter. At the expirations from a nose it is recommended to wash the nasal courses from slime and pus with warm salt solution and to dig in to a dog vasoconstrictive drops in a nose 2–3 times a day.

8. If at this disease the animal refuses to eat food more than 2-3 days, then intravenous injections of nutritious solutions are necessary for it. It is possible to make it only in veterinary clinic or having called the doctor on the house.

9. During recovery the dietary food is recommended to a dog. It is necessary to exclude crude meat, bones and rough food from a diet. It is possible to offer it boiled chicken and rice or the dry feed which is previously soaked in broth.

10. If in your house there live several dogs, then the sick animal needs to be isolated as it is an infection source. At walks on the street games or communication with other dogs are also not recommended. Annual vaccination keeps resistant immunity at a dog from this virus throughout all life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team