What most dangerous shark for the person

What most dangerous shark for the person

The reputation of dangerous and ruthless sea predators was assigned to sharks, and in many respects it is the truth. But from more than 360 species of these fishes for real "cannibals" only four passed.

Sharks cannibalsThe unprovoked attacks championship is kept by four views — a white shark, a shark bull, a tiger shark and a longipennate shark.

Probability of a deadly meeting with a shark is extremely low — 1 to 3.7 million. For comparison, fatal cases at the inaccurate address with pyrotechnics it is ten times more probable.

White shark, or karkharodon — the leader in the number of the registered attacks. According to Florida Natural History Museum (FLMNH) since 1580 karkharodon committed 272 assaults on the person, from them 74 ended with death. The white shark one of the largest predatory fishes — its average length makes 4.5 meters. Pictures of the head of the shark caught in 1987 remained, it is long bodies of which — 6.45 meters.

The shark bull, or snub-nosed shark divides superiority with karkharodony. The official cases only 92 deadly — 26. But experts consider that it is much more of them as the shark bull lives at coasts of Africa and India where attacks on people are not registered. The shark bull, despite rather small sizes — 3.5 meters, is dangerous that she often rises upstream the rivers. The shark was found in Zambezi, Ganges and many other African and Indian rivers. It is not necessary to confuse a shark bull and absolutely harmless Australian bull shark.

The tiger shark, or leopard shark ranks third. FLMNH reports about hundred attacks since the 16th century, 29 of them — lethal. Average length of a body — 5 m weighing from 400 to 650 kg. The shark is widespread practically in all tropical and subtropical waters.

The person is not desirable food for a shark. These predators prefer fatter meat. All unprovoked attacks - the investigation of a mistake in production definition.

The longipennate gray shark — a medium-sized predator, from 1.5 to 3 meters long most of which of attacks did not have documentary confirmations closes the four of the most dangerous fishes. In statistics of their FLMNH only 10 appears. Longipennate sharks are not dangerous at the coast, but it is considered that in the high sea are capable to attack researchers and the victims of ship-wrecks.

Dangerous typesBesides mentioned, exists some more species of the sharks constituting danger to the person though much smaller. Carry fish hammer, a shark-mako, a temnopery, Galápagos, silk, blue and lemon shark to them. All these types are large predators, and the meeting with them in their hunting grounds can will end tragically, but there is it extremely seldom. For example, from 17 registered cases of attack of fish hammer, according to the Philadelphian Natural History Museum, any did not lead to death.

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