What most widespread names of cats

What most widespread names of cats

The kitten always causes affection. Eyes, ears, joy and sweet expression of a muzzle will melt the most ice heart. But how to call a kitten that the name suited him and after he grows up?


1. Experts say that there have to be hissing or whistling sounds. Veterinarians consider that the cat distinguishes these sounds from others. If it is difficult to make a choice independently, then the cat will help with it …! It is necessary to make the list of the pleasant names and to begin them to say slowly, watching an animal carefully. Usually the cat reacts to that name which was pleasant to her. She can attentively listen or even to mew. Absolutely unexpected names for cats meet – like Pufless, Bel, Doughnut, Pancake, Ferrari and other. If they to you to liking, you can choose from them.

2. You got a kitten girl. How to call it? Remember expression "a cat who walks in itself". It indeed – a cat very independent being, it is impossible to suppress her will, it is only possible to be on friendly terms with her. The cat is a full-fledged personality. At a kitty it is necessary to look narrowly more attentively, than at a cat. Cats, as well as all women, do not open at once. It have to begin to trust to open completely. Cats are cunning and clever, they are able even to manipulate the owners loving them. Emotions do the relations with a cat such valuable. Therefore the name of a kitten girl has to depend on its habits. Thoroughbred animals can have an exhibition name. But it should give house, warm and lovely. Assol, Beauty, Valencia, Gabriela, Juliette, Eve – the list can be prolonged long infinitely.

3. In your house the kitten boy appeared, and you thought how it to call? The kitten boy stands on the hind legs in the first days after emergence. One – the obvious hooligan, another - the meek creature, the third - is coward, and the fourth - is brave. The character most of all influences how to call the boy's kitten, but also the origin is important. Many manufacturers demand that the name of a thoroughbred cat was connected with a family tree. It is reasonable, and often ancient name really suits a kitten completely. Sometimes the requirement concerns that the nickname began with a certain letter. Sometimes the manufacturer gives a nickname, and it is possible to think up only a diminutive. Countrymen have less cares of how to call the boy's kitten – there everything in consonance to the nature. In the cities the cats are often given peculiar nicknames: Oligarch, Yandex, Eustace, Elbrus, Porsche and so forth. The pathos nickname all the same turns over time into something lovely the Yusi type, Fairy and similar.

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