What normal body temperature at a dog

What normal body temperature at a dog

Important indicator of health of a dog is her physiological state, namely – body temperature. There is a set of the factors capable to change these indicators in any given party.

Body temperature of a dog depends on a sex of an animal, his breed, a physical state and other specific features. It is important to take measurement of temperature at a dog in a usual state. Knowledge of temperature at an animal helps to reveal problems with health in a dog.

What normal body temperature? Owners of dogs have to know what body temperature at dogs is norm. At adult animals the admissible rates of temperature are 37.5C – 38.5⁰C. At puppies the increase to 39C is allowed. But this indicator is strictly individual and can change in case of activity of an animal or the increased ambient temperature. At large dogs all exchange processes in an organism go more slowly, than at small breeds therefore body temperature at them is lower. At a bough during hunting and a techka temperature can increase. Childbirth can also influence temperature change of a body at a dog. In this case she can decrease.

How and when take temperature?

Before delivering to a dog or a puppy an inoculation, it is necessary to take temperature. For this purpose it is necessary to take the electronic or mercury thermometer. Using the electronic thermometer, you reduce time of measurement of temperature at a dog and determine more precisely parameters. It is better for big and aggressive dogs to muzzle previously as this procedure is considered unpleasant for an animal. Measurement of temperature can be taken, having laid an animal on one side or when the dog costs. The cannula of the thermometer needs to be greased with any cream, further we take a tail aside, and we enter on 1 — 2 cm into a rectum. After measurement of temperature the thermometer needs to be washed with warm water and to disinfect spirit solution. The increased temperature can mean about inflammatory processes in an organism or the beginning of an infectious disease. At the same time the dog can eat food or refuse it. Vaccination of a dog will prevent and will protect her organism from infection of dangerous infections which can be transmitted to the person. Carry leptospirosis and rage to such infections. If the animal shivers, it began diarrhea or vomiting, then these are strong indications of a disease, the pet needs to be shown to the veterinarian.

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