What parrot studies a conversation quicker

What parrot studies a conversation quicker

The domestic parrot brings a lot of trouble, but this is the amusing and touching friend capable to lighten the mood even in the most sad day. The main thing that distinguishes it from other pets - it is ability to speak. However not all breeds of parrots equally well study the speech.

"Conversation" of a parrot represents imitation of sounds which he regularly hears. Almost all representatives of a look possess this ability, but at some it is shown well, and at others is hardly developed. If you wish that your parrot was not only the bright mischievous person, but also "interlocutor", it is necessary to show consideration for the choice of breed.

Charts of feathery talkers

The sixth place belongs to cockatoos who less all succeeded in development of the speech. However, with such bright appearance as at this crested handsome, a word are excessive. Fans also infrequently occur among the parrots of are who were placed on the fifth line of rating to chat. And the gravelly voice of this bird, frankly speaking, does not dispose to conversations.

Amazona, as well as some representatives of redtailed, can learn to speak quite tolerably. However, vocal skills of these birds do not allow them to imitate for certain the human speech and other sounds therefore they take only the fourth place.

Budgerigars, besides rare unpretentiousness and indiscriminateness to accommodation conditions, differ in good learning ability to a conversation thanks to what open the prize-winning three of a chart. At regular trainings volnistik can master up to 150 words. The silver medal for progress in studying the human speech is got by a korella. This bird is capable to learn to 250 words. At the same time the diction of a korella is much more accurate, than at the wavy owner of "bronze". Becomes the honored champion of rating of birds chatterers zhako. This large parrot on average masters up to 500 words. He is distinguished from others by not only quantity, but also quality of said: any representative of other breed is not capable to imitate voices and other sounds yes sir. Yours zhako can learn to copy a sound telephone or a doorbell and to play you in the days without a break. It will not be possible to get bored with such artistic erudite obviously.

"Training and mushtra"

It is important to remember that even the choice of the most "speaking" breed does not guarantee that through some time your pet will melt to retell news or to quote Homer. The parrot can not master also elementary words if not to organize to him regular trainings. It is necessary to be engaged with him not less than 20 minutes a day, accurately pronouncing first simple words, preferably, with the hissing sounds. Your pupil will perceive speech lessons on an empty stomach better. Besides, it is necessary for success of the enterprise that the bird was isolated from relatives, but at the same time completely trusted you and willingly made with you contact. Can happen and so that, despite all efforts, your feathery friend will not be able well to learn to speak. You do not scold the pet: taciturn persons are worthy not smaller love, than owners of a rich lexicon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team