What standards at breed of a chihuahua

What standards at breed of a chihuahua

Chihuahuas are tiny dogs partners. The breed, as well as others, has standards and features. Chihuahuas are recognized as the least dogs in the world and brought in Mexico.


1. Body. The case of square shape is characteristic of a chihuahua, but at a bough the pedigree standard provided small lengthening of a body. The dog of breed has to possess a compact constitution. It is necessary that the case was slightly extended concerning height in withers.

2. Head. It has to be strongly rounded and have the form in the form of apple. The head has to be without fontanel, but insignificant it is allowed. Standing ears, at the basis are wider, to edge it is a little already and are rounded off. Transition from a forehead to a muzzle at breed is accurately expressed, it is caused by strong rounding of the first. A muzzle of a chihuahua short, wider at the basis and made narrower to a nose.

3. Lips have to be pressed to each other, dry. Eyes at a chihuahua according to the standard of big and rounded shape, but not goggle. They are dark, but also light are possible. A bite at this breed or nozhnitseobrazny, or a straight line.

4. Neck. The top part of a neck of a dog of breed of a chihuahua has to be slightly bent. It less volume at a bough, than at dogs.

5. Breast. At a dog of a chihuahua it has the deep and wide form, edges - rounded. The breast reaches elbows, but the form of a barrel is inadmissible.

6. Croup. It is wide, almost equal. It has to have a small inclination. The line of a bottom is presented by the tightened belt. The dog of breed of a chihuahua has to have a short and strong back, a waist - brawny.

7. Tail. Special attention is paid to this part of a body of a dog. It has to be high-standing, equal, not really long. The tail has to be at movement of a dog upright.

8. Paws. Front legs of a dog - equal, with elbows they form the accurate line. Back - are well developed and have muscles. Their arrangement vertical and parallel relatively each other. Pads of a chihuahua small also have the oval form. Fingers have to be well placed, but are not spread strongly wide. Small pillows of paws of a chihuahua have good development and elasticity. Pribyly fingers according to the standard are subject to removal, except the countries in which it is forbidden by the legislation.

9. Wool. In this breed two views are allowed. Sleek-haired (short-haired). In such option, wool short, skintight to a body. It has to have healthy gloss and softness. Long-haired. It has to differ in texture in softness and silkiness and also to be a straight line, but the waviness is allowed. On ears, a neck, paws and a tail wool has tows and is a little longer, than on other parts of a body. The color can be any.

10. Weight. It is one more of the most important elements of the pedigree standard. The weight of a dog of this breed has to be ranging from one and a half to three kilograms, but is admissible from the pyatist of grams to one and a half kilograms.

11. The dog of breed of a chihuahua has to be brave on character, have attentiveness and smartness.

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