What the glutton eats

What the glutton eats

The glutton is a wild animal, related to martens, covered with dense brown fur. He eats meat of the got animals and drop. As the addition to the menu, the glutton eats berries, seeds of plants, roots, fish and insects.

That for an animal a glutton

Glutton - the large representative of group marten. At a glutton a massive constitution, a little head, short strong paws. The animal possesses dense brown fur which does not become wet, does not slezhivatsya and does not zaindevat. On each side bodies last marks of light brown or straw color. The adult glutton reaches the sizes of an average dog. Because of external similarity it is often compared to a bear.

These predators do not live on one place, and lead a nomadic life, bypassing the extensive territory. During a season of reproduction of a glutton dig the holes similar to bear dens where remove the posterity. They live one by one, only occasionally several individuals unite to tire out a large catch.

Glutton very successful predator. Despite external awkwardness, it is a dexterous and strong animal. The glutton well is able to climb trees and to move even on very deep snow. The main weapon of a glutton – half vtyazhny claws, she can not only kill with them production, but also tear apart wooden walls of hunting warehouses in which meat is stored.

Glutton food

Food of a glutton depends on season. In the winter it generally meat of hoofed animals: deer, elks, roes, mountain goats. The glutton can pursue the victim for several days. The purpose of a predator is the shelter of production during deep snow. Even the Manchurian deer can fall a victim of a glutton. As well as the wolf, a glutton hunts the weakened, sick or young animals. Therefore she is considered the hospital attendant of the wood. This representative marten and drop which remained after a meal of wolves or bears does not disdain. Corpses of the fallen animals form the food basis of a glutton. Powerful jaws she can crack any frozen meat and shatter bones. Often she selects production at weaker predators, for example foxes or lynxes. Checks hunting traps, eating the animals who got there and birds. This habit of a glutton very much irritates hunters. There hunt and live gluttons in the forest, but if there comes hunger, then they can leave to forest-steppes and landings. In the spring and in the summer eggs of forest birds, a spawned-out salmon, berries, seeds, roots, nuts, small rodents and larvae of insects are added to the menu of a predator. The stomach of an animal is capable to contain to two kilograms of meat. But usually the animal eats no more than seven hundred fifty grams, and the rest cracks on pieces and hides for emergency, far away from the place of a meal.

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