What the small fish danio is interesting by

What the small fish danio is interesting by

The small fish danio is a traditional inhabitant of many aquariums since a century before last. These unusual, cheerful and clockwork creations are adored by judges of aquarian fauna for their beautiful coloring and vigor. What small fishes danio are still so interesting by?

Appearance and contents danio

Small fishes danio possess a unique striped color with a bright red paunch and a back. Such bright coloring is provided with intensive synthesis of fluorescent red protein in their muscles. Are famous for Danio for the big peacefulness and unpretentiousness – as the house they quite will suit even a 5-liter jar with clear water. Also there are danio-albinos at whom the black pigment is not synthesized. Albinos are almost transparent, and their eyes possess in saturated red color that gives them quite terrible look.

In wildlife danio keep flocks therefore it is necessary to contain them in an aquarium on 7-9 individuals.

Small fishes danio are absolutely non-conflicting therefore they can quietly be combined in one aquarium with nonaggressive credits, somika, neon, antsistrusa, sword-bearers, lyaliusa and gura. However at contents vualevy danio it is necessary to remember that they cannot be held together with aggressive small fishes of type of barbus who can bite off danio their long vualevy fins. Small fishes danio are quite compatible to invertebrate shrimps, ampulyariya and snails.

Features of small fishes danio

In the homeland of small fishes danio (Indochina) representatives of their sort inhabit slowly current and standing reservoirs and also the rice fields flooded with water. All danio are uzkotely small small fishes who scurry about in water with a huge speed, observing a certain system at movement. So, the small fish who is most dominating in pack always floats in horizontal position which allows to get away as fast as possible from the enemy or to grab production, having instantly moved down or up. Some types danio (for example, danio malabarsky) have in the flocks even some subordination reminding the strict army charter. Other small fishes danio in pack swim with a smaller or big inclination of a front part of the building down and forward. The tilt angle is always defined by a rank of a small fish in pack – so, the small fish, the second after a dominant, danio floats with a small inclination. All small fishes following it on a rank float according to decrease of their authority on gregarious hierarchy. The dominating individuals at the same time strictly monitor observance of subordination and keep in the middle of the flock. As a result of similar alignment of forces, the head of pack and his confidants perish in a mouth of predators less often, escaping from them behind a live barrier which is made by the lower ranks and the weakest small fishes danio.

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