What to do if at a cat a lock

What to do if at a cat a lock

Quite often owners of cats meet a lock problem at favourite animals. The lock at cats is expressed in impossibility to descend in a toilet. In attempts it can loudly shout, scrape paws filler, squat – to look for more convenient pose, but business everything does not go. Of course, any owner will decide to help the favourite. It is possible to make it at home if these cases are single.

Whether the lock is serious?

The lock is an impossibility of a cat to empty intestines owing to what in an organism there can be unpleasant processes. Stool ideally have to be removed outside, otherwise they poison an animal organism with disintegration products. Because of it the liver, kidneys, heart can suffer and even the appearance of an animal can deteriorate. There were cases when the cat died if not to help her in time.

Symptoms and reasons of a lock

If the cat cannot make the affairs in a toilet, then she begins nausea or vomiting, she becomes sluggish, indifferent, at her the appetite vanishes, and the stomach is blown up. Sitting in a tray, the cat begins to shout uneasily.

Various diseases can be the cause of a lock. For example, a renal failure, inflammation of an anus or a rectum, a disease of a large intestine, a problem of orthopedic character (it is impossible to sit down conveniently), hernias, tumors, a cyst at cats. But most often it appears because of the wrong feeding, especially natural food; a congestion of the licked wool in intestines or the swallowed foreign matter. The lock is more often at cats, than at cats; at the inactive or aging animals.

Treatment of a lock

If you noticed lock symptoms at your cat, give her vaseline oil. It is on sale everywhere in any pharmacy. This oil is not acquired by a cat, not soaked up in intestines. It covers walls of intestines and softens kcal. Vaseline oil is given to a cat orally 2-3 times a day on 5 ml. Do not give to a cat other oils (castor or vegetable). First, they are perfectly acquired by an organism of a cat; and secondly, can do harm to the favourite if to give them in such large number. The most widespread way of fight against a lock at cats is a mix of water with condensed milk. This sweet mix softens stool in intestines of a cat, and it will be able easily to empty it. At constant locks the doctor – the veterinarian can advise use of medicinal laxative medicines. It can be Duphalac or Pikosulfat Sodium. They not only soften intestines contents, but also normalize its work. If the lock was not succeeded to cure houses, then it is worth bringing an animal to clinic where by it will make an enema. Also in clinic it is worth having examination of an animal by the doctor, to make tests and to make ultrasonography of an abdominal cavity for identification of the reason of constant locks.

Prevention of locks

If at your cat the locks happen often, then it is worth reconsidering her diet and whenever possible to change it. At a diet there have to be all useful minerals and decent amount of vegetable cellulose. You do not feed an animal from a table. Buy by it dry feeds of high quality or prepare separately. Besides meat, add vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, a cauliflower, haricot) and steamed bran to porridge. That the cat did not swallow of a lot of wool, once her thicket combs out and to give preventive pastes for removal of wool from intestines. For good work of intestines the cat has to move much. Get it balls or mice, exercise machines for a lasagna, you bring her to the street for walk more often. Active lifestyle favorably affects an intestines vermicular movement.

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