What to do if tears a cat bile

What to do if tears a cat bile

Vomiting at cats can begin for various reasons. The animal can get poisoned with low-quality food or it has an exacerbation of a disease of a stomach. Vomiting can come after hit of a foreign subject in a stomach or in the presence in it helminths.

Vomiting at a cat is considered protective function at organism intoxication. It can begin at various infectious diseases. Kaltsiviroz, or cat's plague is always followed by vomiting with bile.

Causes of vomitingThe beginning of a viral or infectious disease can be followed by vomiting with bile, so the liver purifies blood from the bacteria and toxins emitted at their activity. Every day the vomiting with bile will become is more often, treatment will not be carried out yet. Change of a habitual forage can become the cause of vomiting. The liver can not always cope with the increased nutritiousness of food of a new type. At the same time there comes vomiting, at first the cat is torn food masses, further – with bile impurity. The foreign matter in a stomach happens one of the causes of vomiting too. Cats like to play with fine details, easily swallowing them. If the detail passes across the intestinal highway, then it will leave in the natural way. If it stopped in a stomach, then vomiting bile is inevitable.

The help at vomiting

If tears a cat, the owner has to help him. At single vomiting it is necessary to watch further behavior. Perhaps, at a cat in a stomach wool accumulated, thus it gets rid of it. At frequent vomiting bile it is necessary to address to veterinary clinic. In this case vomiting can be the cause of the beginning of an infectious disease. Will take analyses from a cat and will appoint treatment. Vomiting at poisoning has positive action as the organism gets rid of poison. The doctor has to appoint anti-toxic medicines, treatment which he will stop vomiting at an animal. At poisoning with strong poisons the course of disease is lightning. In such cases the cat perishes in several hours if not to address to clinic. Vomiting can begin because of a strong helminthic invasion, together with bile there can be worms. The doctor appoints symptomatic treatment and antivermicular medicines. Only complex treatment will help an animal. At vomiting with bile the cat needs to appoint a hungry diet to day, water at the same time is given in plenty. It is necessary to trace the moment then vomiting as food poisoning can be its cause began. Independently it is possible to help a cat by means of the medicines "Tserukal", "Smekta" or "Enterosgel". At the same time it is necessary to address in the same day to clinic for identification of the cause of vomiting. Without knowing the prime cause, the animal can do much harm. The clinic will find out the reason and will appoint treatment.

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