What to do if the cat coughs

What to do if the cat coughs

Owners of cats sometimes face such phenomenon as cough at pets. Cough at cats arises rather seldom, and in certain cases can demonstrate presence at an animal of very serious diseases.


1. Normal cough at a cat performs some kind of protective function, it helps an animal to get rid of the foreign objects which got into airways. Very often cats begin to cough, having appeared in the smoked room, tobacco smoke can be very strong allergen for an animal. If the cat tries to get rid of liquid or the subject which got into airways, she usually extends a neck.

2. As it is strange sounded, but helminths (worms) can cause cough in cats. The breeding parasites can get into a stomach of an animal from intestines, and from there together with emetic masses move to the external environment. Cough at animals in that case arises because of irritation of receptors of a gullet during vomiting.

3. Cough at a cat can act as the leading symptom at such dangerous disease as bronchial asthma. Allergic reaction of the pet to household dust and other irritants can serve as the causes of this disease. If you noticed that cough and sneezing at a cat begin upon purchase of new laundry detergent or cat litter, most likely at a cat the allergy attack began. It is necessary to reveal allergen and to exclude its presence in the apartment that allergic cough did not develop into more serious disease.

4. Precisely only the veterinarian can define the cause of cough at an animal. Before a visit to the expert try to provide to a cat comfortable conditions. The fresh moistened air will help to facilitate cough. Put indoors where there is a cat, a humidifier or just put a wet towel on a heating radiator.

5. If you are not sure of the causes of cough at an animal, you should not give to the pet medicines as it is possible to distort a real etiology and to complicate diagnostics. Besides drugs can do harm to a cat. If the animal badly feels and refuses food, you should not try to feed it.

6. The veterinarian surely has to ask you on feeding of a cat and care for it. The expert will examine your pet, will listen to bronchial tubes and lungs, will carry out survey of the upper airways. In difficult cases researches by means of the endoscope or X-ray and also the biopsy of bronchial tubes is appointed.

7. If cough at a cat has regular character, do not postpone a visit to the expert, the earlier you see a doctor, the it will be easier to help an animal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team