What to do if the cat dropped out of a window

What to do if the cat dropped out of a window

Since first warm spring days, all veterinary clinics are flooded with cats who fell from a window. Most often owners of cats say that the animal always liked to look at the street from an open window and never did attempts to jump out. The quiet relation of a cat to really happening on the street does not guarantee that she will never fall from a window. What to do to owners whose animal fell from big height?

In warm season in the apartment becomes hot, and city dwellers with pleasure open windows, enjoying solar days. Domestic cats adore sitting near windows and to watch what occurs out of the apartment. Unfortunately, the nice moustached small animals living with people have no fear of falling from height, they should not face in everyday life need to go down from distance more than 2 meters. At the same time, the hunting instinct at house cats is extraordinary strong and they can carelessly jump out of a window, trying to reach a birdie or a butterfly.

The cat dropped out of a window: the first actions of the owner

If the owner of a cat after all did not follow, and his alumna fell from a window, it is necessary to bring it to veterinary clinic urgently. Within at most two hours after falling in most cases life of a cat still can be saved. If there is a suspicion on the fact that the pet can have fractures of extremities or a backbone, then it is not necessary to put it in a bag or carrying at all. Follows most accurately, without changing position of a body of an animal, to place it on a plain strong horizontal surface – for example, the wide board laid by a plaid – and to carry so to the veterinarian.

If the cat was wounded and there is open bleeding, then it is necessary to treat the wound any disinfecting solution and to impose over a wound a plait – if extremity wound, certainly. After that immediately carry an animal to the doctor. Even if the cat has no visible damages and she looks only a little scared, she can have bruises of internals – it is possible to exclude any pathology only by means of survey by the experienced veterinarian.

The most dangerous injuries at a cat who fell from a windowThe animal who fell to the street from a window is frequent, gets injuries and fractures – forepaws and a backbone most often break. The main danger is that when receiving at the same time several injuries the cat feels traumatic shock which can lead to her instant death. In many cases the divergence of its top sky becomes a consequence of falling of a cat from height. Thereof there is a message between a mouth and a nose of a cat which needs to be sewn up. If the bladder of a cat who dropped out of a window was filled, then it can become torn from blow about the earth. Result – peritonitis and the fast death of an animal from intoxication products of nitrogenous exchange. Anyway, responsibility for safety of a cat entirely lies on her owners. They should attend to installation on a window of a strong grid in advance or not to open a window at all if they do not want to be responsible for painful death of the pet.

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