What to do if the cat marks

What to do if the cat marks

Cats are beautiful animals for house contents. It is possible to fight against some of their shortcomings easily. The pet is easily accustomed to a toilet tray, regular manicure will protect upholstered furniture from sharp claws. But there is a problem which often nonpluses owners. These are tags which the grown-up cat begins to leave literally everywhere. With this unpleasant phenomenon it is possible and it is necessary to fight, applying all ways – from the softest to radical.

Tags are some kind of "business card" of a cat. The animal makes all process with surprising speed. The cat turns to the chosen surface a back, raises a tail and sprays a small amount of urine. Any objects in the house – furniture, children's toys, footwear, houseplants, office equipment – everything that will draw attention of your pet can be exposed to such processing. Tags do not speak about vindictiveness or slovenliness of a cat - it is only his way of communication with the world. To punish an animal it is useless – it will not understand what it was guilty of. It is impossible to stop a cat too – all process of tagging takes several seconds. Will not solve a problem and free walking – the animal will mark also houses, and on the street.

Experts in behavior of animals note that cats with a high hormonal background actively mark. Some pets do not show interest in tagging at all, but others begin to show activity at quite early age – of 10 months.

One more reason of tags – a stress. The animal can react to emergence in the house of the new pet, departure of the favourite owner, frequent parties and even on repair. The more a negative in life of a cat, the more active it to seek to calm itself, marking the territory with a habitual smell. The cat who is in a stressful state needs to be calmed. Try to give it soft medicines on a vegetable basis which can be got in veterinary pharmacy. Consult with the employee of pharmacy, he will advise you drops which especially it is pleasant to cats. You should not offer an animal valerian – it works not soothingly, and is exciting. Eliminate a stress source. Take the pet on hands more often, iron him, calm, you speak with him gently. If all taken measures did not help, consult with the veterinarian – perhaps, he will register stronger soothing. All these measures are necessary if you have a thoroughbred animal who can give perspective posterity. To completely eliminate tags it will not turn out, however it is possible to reduce activity of the pet several. If owners do not plan receiving posterity from a cat, it is better to castrate him. It is desirable to make it at young age (7-9 months), however and more adult animals undergo an operation without problems. After surgery the cat can leave tags from time to time, however the smell will be much weaker and there will be similar more and more seldom.

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