What to do if the dog coughs

What to do if the dog coughs

Quite often the concern of owners of dogs causes cough of an animal. To find out the reason of this phenomenon, some ask for the help the veterinarian, and many try to find an explanation. As a rule, nevertheless the doctor can prompt the most right answer, having made diagnostics of bodies of an animal.

First of all ask for the help the expert. The doctor has to establish the reason of the arisen cough then to appoint the corresponding treatment.

The most widespread diseases at cough – collapse (narrowing of a trachea), laringo-pharyngitis, tracheitis, laryngitis. These diseases are connected with problems of the upper airways. But also you should not exclude also pathologies of the lower airways: pneumonia, bronchial pneumonia, chronic or acute bronchitis. Proceeding from the diagnosis made by the doctor, to your pet the corresponding treatment will be appointed.At laringo-pharyngitis and laryngitis at a dog lymph nodes increase. Also she becomes more sluggish and quite often the voice vanishes. Your dog refuses food and walks. In this case exempt him from a collar as he puts the strong pressure upon a throat. Try not to give some cold food and water. Limit time of walks in cold or rainy weather. If within a week you do not notice improvement, surely seem to the veterinarian. Dry cough with attacks can form the basis to suspicion of such disease as a trachea. Quite often it is followed by inspiratory short wind and stridorny breath. This disease of bacteria, viruses or parasites is caused. The infectious disease can be cured only special medicines registered by the veterinarian. A chronic and acute bronchitis - also rather widespread phenomenon among dogs. A damp and severe cough – one of symptoms of this disease. There is it, as a rule, during walk or after a dream. At such disease do not delay a campaign to the doctor as your dog can receive a complication. Allergic bronchitis can be caused by influence of the environment, for example, a sting of an insect. In this case long-term treatment will be required by antiallergic medicines. Anyway, display of the pet to the veterinarian will never be superfluous.

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