What to do if the kitten got poisoned

What to do if the kitten got poisoned

Adult cats suffer from poisonings less than kittens – with age animals learn to distinguish hazardous substances or low-quality food and to avoid them, and fluffy silly little chaps with curiosity can taste both a poisonous plant, and household chemicals. Also the kitten can get poisoned, having soiled in toxic substance and trying to pinch it from a hair or having breathed toxic fumes, for example, during repair in the house or when processing rooms from insects wreckers.

Poisoning symptoms

Poisoning at kittens because of small body weight comes quicker, than at adult cats – the first signs are noticeable usually practically at once. Frequent symptoms of poisoning – sudden slackness, oppression, lack of reaction to external irritants, meet unusual excitement, an incoordination less often. The diarrhea and vomiting, salivation, a shiver and twitching of muscles, in hard cases – spasms are possible. Touches to a stomach can hurt an animal.Also on poisoning can specify expansion of pupils, a shiver, twitchings of muscles, in hard cases - spasms. One more sign – unusual breath – speeded up or, on the contrary, very rare. The got poisoned kitten refuses food, does not drink or feels the increased thirst. A symptom of some types of poisonings – foamy allocations from a nose and a mouth.

What should I do?The first that needs to be made – to stop impact of toxic agent on an organism of an animal and to call the veterinarian on the house or to bring the injured pet to clinic. If the kitten is in the room where paint and varnish works or disinsection are carried out, it is necessary to take out as soon as possible it on fresh air. If hair of an animal is soiled by toxic agent and he tries to pinch it – wash away pollution by clear warm water, without using at the same time any detergents, except usual soap or children's or cat's shampoo. Sticky substances can try to be wiped by means of vegetable oil. It is possible to remove poison from digestive tract, having caused vomiting or having washed out a stomach. Be attentive – at poisoning with oil products or caustic substances it is dangerous to cause vomiting, it can worsen a condition of an animal. By means of a usual enema or the syringe without needle pour in very weak solution of potassium permanganate, table salt or baking soda in a mouth of a kitten after pulls out it, it is possible to try to wash out a stomach once again. Dissolve sorbent powder (activated carbon, "Polisorb") in water and also pour in a mouth of an animal – it will help to neutralize residues of poison. If poisoning occurred more than an hour ago, washing of a stomach can be inefficient – make to a kitten an enema with clear water, it is possible with Polisorba solution or table salt. The pre-medical help appears before arrival of the doctor or before departure in a veterinary clinic. You should not hope for own forces – the organism of a little kitten is very vulnerable, many toxic agents demand use of special antidotes. Trying to cure the favourite by own forces, you risk to miss precious time.

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