What to do when at a cat a techka

What to do when at a cat a techka

When the cat reaches the period of readiness for reproduction, it begins a techka. Most often the first time it occurs at the age of half a year, is much more rare – in 8-9 months. At an animal who lives at home the sexual hunting can arise at all seasons of the year that, undoubtedly, distinguishes it from wild relatives.

Signs and stages of a techka at cats

At the very beginning of the techka period the cat can be extraordinary tender or, on the contrary, very aggressive. It constantly controls doors and windows to improve the moment and to run out on the street. But the most strong indication of approach of sexual activity are appeals of a cat. Your favourite becomes extremely "talkative", she purrs and howls at any time.

In addition, the cat can eat smaller amount of food, or in general refuse it. Her genitals increase, from them there are allocations which have no color. The animal during this period, most often, leaves pools everywhere where to it will like and also "marks" furniture.

Techka at a cat lasts on average ten days. In her, as a rule, allocate four periods. The first stage lasts 3-4 days. During this time the organism of an animal is prepared for pairing. The behavior of a cat changes, she becomes uneasy and tender. The following phase is characterized by appeals of a cat of the partner. She rubs the head about legs of people and furniture, rides on a floor. If to touch her back, it accepts a peculiar pose: lifts a back part of a trunk, hems forepaws, takes away a tail. The similar behavior is observed if the animal is come into the view by a male. Further sexual hunting begins to decrease. There is it approximately a week later after approach of the second period. If there was a fertilization, then development of embryos begins at this particular time. In case pregnancy did not occur, the techka gradually comes to the end, and there comes sexual rest. The cat comes back to a habitual rhythm of life.

How to calm a cat during a techka?

First of all it is necessary to remember that the period of a techka is given to a cat hardly, and it more than ever needs attention of the loving owners. Therefore iron the favourite more, you hold on a lap and hands. Also it is necessary to reduce amount of food because the appetite of an animal during sexual hunting decreases. It will be better to feed a cat often, but in the small portions. Play with the house favourite more. In the period of a techka the amount of energy at it considerably increases. buy it new toys, force to run about and jump on all house. If night shouts of an animal already irritate all family members, it is possible to try to lock a cat in some separate room or in the bathroom. It is necessary to leave the container with water and a favourite stove bench there. Some owners reduce torture of an animal, giving it soothing. It can be broths of herbs, for example, camomiles, or the medicines intended especially for cats. That is popular means of Kot-Bayun and also "Stop Stress" and "Fitex". Of course, it is possible to use also special hormonal medicines, for example, "Sex the Barrier" or Pilkan. But, before buying any means, consult to the veterinarian. It is necessary to apply such means extremely carefully because they are capable to cause an endometritis and cysts of ovaries.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team