What to do with a dog who bit

What to do with a dog who bit

Unfortunately, any person is not insured from a sting of the or foreign animal, and not only the large, but also small dog can make it. And after rendering first aid to the victim there is a question what to do with a dog who bit the person?

At first it is necessary to make everything to help the victim even if the wound does not seem serious. Then the dog needs to be taken away to the veterinarian where she is examined. The doctor will be able to make the conclusion about whether the dog of diseases which could be transmitted to the person through a sting has no he. An inspection on rage, and not only in the form of analyses, but also on the basis of studying features of behavior of an animal will be surely carried out. Thus, at detection at dogs infectious of a disease it will be possible to begin in time prevention and treatmentof person which fell its victim. It will simplify a task to physicians as a number of the diseases which are transmitted from dogs cannot are defined at the infected person at once.

If the version with a disease was not confirmed, analyze a situation in which the dog showed aggression. Even the quietest and kind animal can aggressively react to attempt to take away from it food, to attack puppies or physical abuse. If the dog tried to bite the person who really tried to do much harm or provoke her her, then the only thing that you can make in this situation is to bring a dog to walk in a muzzle and to protect whenever possible from communication with aggressive people who can tease and provoke it. If the member of your family who behaved with an animal incorrectly fell a victim, explain to him as it is necessary to communicate with a dog that similar did not repeat. In case attack of a dog has no satisfactory explanation, address the expert. It can be, for example, the specialist in training from film logical club. It is possible that aggression of a dog is connected with the wrong training or with problems with character. In this case your pet will be able to be helped by a training course which in the presence of the good expert will be effective also for an adult animal. If the tendency at stings is shown by a puppy, you can try to cope with it independently. Give to a puppy a toy when he begins to bite the owner. Stop a game with it and strictly you speak It "is impossible". And here with punishments it is necessary to be a rag, the newspaper careful - it can make an animal timid and develop negative reflexes on certain objects. Nevertheless, there are breeds of dog, for example, combative in which the aggression is genetically put. Such animal can be dangerous and hardly give in to training. In this case think whether you will be able to cope with such animal. If you are sure of yourself, keep in mind that on you heavy responsibility on protection of people around against a similar dog lies. Only the adult with sufficient physical force has to walk her, on the street the dog has to be constantly in a muzzle and on a lead. These recommendations are effective in case the dog belongs to you. In case you fell a victim of foreign pet, and the owner does not wish to take measures for prevention of similar situations in the future, you have the right to file a lawsuit. In case of your victory the careless owner can lose the pet and pay a considerable penalty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team