What to feed a cat with

What to feed a cat with

The healthy and healthy nutrition is the key to longevity not only at people, but also at their pets. Considering several rules of drawing up a cat's diet, it is possible to provide to the fluffy friend the qualitative level of food.

Food type

For a start it is necessary to be defined that the cat will eat: natural food or ready-made industrial feeds. It is necessary to give preference only to one of these types, it is impossible to mix forage types at all! This rule is caused by features of digestion, and constant change of types of food considerably complicates work of digestive system.Natural food contains a large amount of moisture and does not demand such plentiful drink as ready forages, and the system of digestion simply does not manage to adapt to similar changes in a diet. Digestive tract diseases can turn out to be consequence of similar experiments, up to impassability of intestines.

Natural foodIt is very difficult to provide the balanced food when using natural food as here it is necessary to calculate independently necessary amount of vitamins and minerals. When choosing this kind of food it is necessary to remember that it cannot be the dinner remains. The basis of a diet is formed by fermented milk products and meat. Fermented milk products include kefir (it is desirable to give not absolutely fresh, and stood several days in open form in the fridge) and low-fat cottage cheese. A variety can be brought the dairy menu occasionally, offering a cat the low-fat sour cream diluted with warm water and also natural yogurt. As for milk, it is possible to give it only at its shipping a cat and absence of a diarrhea at an animal. The meat range recommended for food is not so various. Generally only low-fat beef cut into small pieces with addition of cellulose which should be bought separately is allowed to the use. As a garnish such vegetables as a white cabbage, lettuce leaves, spinach and also rice and buckwheat porridges will approach. Except beef sometimes it is possible to use chicken stomachs or chicken fillet, without skin. As for fish, sometimes it is possible to indulge a cat boiled sea. Mineral additives and vitamins are added to a ready dish.

Ready-made feeds

If the choice fell on ready forages, in this case it is not necessary to rely on the range which is actively offered by advertizing on television. Often it is low-quality forages which can reduce the term of life of the dear friend considerably. In the market of industrial food there is a wide choice of qualitative forages today. However, as well as in a case with food types, here too it is necessary to adhere to the use by a cat of a forage only of any one producer: the structure of a forage at various producers can differ, as well as balance of vitamins and minerals. Therefore sharp transition to a forage of other producer can serve as a cause of infringement of work of a GIT. From drink the cat constantly has to have water.

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