What to feed a huge snail with

What to feed a huge snail with

Having decided to get an exotic pet, look narrowly at akhatina. These huge snails are unpretentious. It is not required to clean a tray after them, it is not necessary to walk them. But to watch snails very interestingly. Everything that will be required for comfortable stay of an akhatina in the house: a big terrarium with soil and suitable food.


1. It is simple to support to an akhatin. Include raw vegetables in its menu: cabbage, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, paprika. Offer a snail also fruit, except a citrus.

2. It is not obligatory to feed to an akhatin with perfect products. Give to a snail bits, scraps - she will eat everything. With pleasure of an akhatin will regale on crusts of watermelon, a melon.

3. Add to a diet of an akhatina also bean. It can give boiled peas, corn. Also huge snails eat boiled eggs, mushrooms.

4. Surely alternate the products offered a snail. Otherwise she will get used to taste of any one ""dish"". Because of it the snail will not begin to eat then other products.

5. Young individuals need to be supported every day. Give to adult snails a forage 2-3 times a week. It will be enough. As experts assure, the akhatina will eat so much how many it is necessary for it. Also there is no danger to overfeed it.

6. For strengthening of walls of a sink surely give to a snail chalk, the crushed egg shell. In the spring and indulge to an akhatin a fresh grass in the summer. The huge snail eats a nettle, a clover, a plantain. You can offer it also blossoming branches of an apple-tree and cherry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team