What to feed a monthly kitten with

What to feed a monthly kitten with

The newborn kitten eats exclusively maternal milk. This product at this vital stage provides a small organism to all necessary. But after a month after the birth it is possible to move to other level of food gradually.

Rules of feeding of monthly kittens

It is necessary to feed a monthly kitten with small portions of 4-5 times a day. It is important to watch that the kitten did not overeat as it is harmful to his stomach.New products should be entered in the small portions, gradually bringing their quantity to norm. And in one day it is possible to enter only one new product. Every time it is necessary to monitor reaction of an organism of a kitten. In the absence of changes in a condition of the pet the product can continue to be given it. In case of any problems (a diarrhea, a lock, vomiting, etc.) introduction of a new forage should be stopped. It is not recommended to enter new products into a food allowance of a kitten daily. It is better to sustain a pause in 2-3 days. The single portion of a forage has to equal to a tablespoon without hill, a daily dose – to 120 grams. The kitten throughout the day has to have free access to clear drinking water. In order that the kitten began to eat independently, the help is necessary for him. After an otryvaniye from mother, offering the baby milk, it is necessary to attract accurately it to a bowl and a little to moisten a nose. In the same way it is necessary to arrive also with other products. Over time these actions to a kitten will stop being are necessary. Except milk, cottage cheese has to be entered into a food allowance of a monthly kitten. Originally it should be parted with milk to consistence of sour cream. Consumption of cottage cheese prevents development of rickets as this product contains a lot of calcium. The monthly kitten can also give the chicken yolk divorced milk. Protein is allowed only from two-month age. The boiled thoroughly vegetables in the form of soups and squashes are useful to kittens, but it is obligatory on meat broth. However, it is pleasant to not all pets. They though small, but predators. To them to liking meat. From meat products it is allowed to give previously boiled thoroughly and crushed beef, fish, chicken. Crude meat and fish should not be given to a kitten as there is a risk of infection with worms or intestinal infections. Normal growth of a kitten requires receipt in an organism of necessary vitamins and minerals. They can just be bought in veterinary pharmacies. Especially for kittens of the house it is recommended to couch a grass and wheat.

What it is undesirable to feed a monthly kitten with

It is not recommended to feed a kitten with food from the table. It is extremely undesirable to give to the favourite the same products systematically. It is connected with the fact that having got used to something to one, he will not eat other forage any more. Besides, it is impossible to give smoked products, pork, low-quality products. It is not recommended to accustom a pet to a dry feed or cat's canned food. Their regular use contributes to the development of an urolithic disease and considerable reduction of life expectancy. In addition, having accustomed a kitten to a dry feed, he will not eat healthy food any more.

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