What to feed a white frog in an aquarium with

What to feed a white frog in an aquarium with

Aquarian frogs meet quite seldom and for the amateur aquarian represent in a sense exotic. Not all species of frogs feel in an aquarium comfortably – small floating islands on which they could get out from time to time are necessary for the majority.

Most often for contents in a house aquarium choose a shportsevy frog. She in albinosny option has coloring light yellow or white. Mature the shportsevy frog becomes at one-year-old age and if conditions of keeping good, can live up to fifteen years.

Shportsevy aquarian frogs are rather not choosy. Choosing an aquarium volume, it is necessary to consider that in certain cases the frog can grow to 16 cm, but for little individuals – one or two – rather simple 5-liter jar.

What to feed a frog withIn the nature the white frog lives in slowly current or standing lakes, ponds, bogs. She is capable to move on the soil, for example, in search of the new place for accommodation instead of former dried. But long to be without water and it will not be able to eat. Aquarian frogs by the nature are predators, and it is not necessary to support them together with whitebaits or small small fishes, the guppy, neon. Eventually white frogs eat them therefore with them it is possible to keep in one water space unless large and quick individuals. It will be a little wasteful to feed a frog with small fishes and if in an aquarium only small individuals, it is better to put her in a separate aquarium and to serve animal food, a crank, to a koretr, a water flea, small earthworms. It is not recommended to feed a white frog with a trubochnik – she can have a food poisoning. As substitute of a habitual forage can be given her low-fat meat in the form of strips or a dry feed, that is a dried water flea. White frogs adore eating, and in this process they need to be limited. Badly, that is it is not enough, only elderly and old individuals eat. The adult frog with good appetite should be fed two times a week, otherwise she will be corroded to obesity. The young white frog during intensive growth should be fed more often.

As the frog accepts a forage

The white frog on sides has deepenings with tiny hairs which react to the current created by water around a body. Thanks to impulses it is possible to be guided even on a rapid current – the hydrodynamic waves caused by water inhabitants, the white frog quickly catches. She has an excellent sense of smell: in a couple of minutes after the forage gets to water, they begin to rush about on a reservoir in search of food. Large pieces of food like a crank or earthworms of a frog push in a mouth, at the same time holding a worm with fingers, just swallow small pieces.

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