What to feed kittens with: a dry feed or food from a table?

What to feed kittens with: a dry feed or food from a table?

The healthy nutrition at early age is very important for kittens. It has to be balanced, contain all necessary elements. From to what forage the kitten will get used, his flavoring addictions in adulthood in many respects depend.

With what food to feed kittens

Owners of cats, cats know how it is hard, and at times it is impossible to accustom an adult animal to new food. Therefore it needs to be done when alumnae still small.To decide on whether to give to kittens a dry feed or dishes from a table, it is necessary to reveal positive and negative lines of that and that: The dry feed is convenient in use. If almost all day the kitten, and then an adult animal, is forced to see off alone, then such food will become a way out. It is enough to fill since morning a forage in a bowl, to put a necessary amount of water, and the favourite is full till the evening. Correctly cooked homemade food is useful to a kitten. It does not contain doubtful additives which are in some types of a dry feed. But long in a bowl it will not lie – will be spoiled. If the kid did not eat up, then the remains need to be thrown out, and to put a new portion in the following feeding. It is very important to decide on what dry feed for kittens will be used. It is possible to tell unambiguously that cheap are a mine of the slowed-down action. Over time animals which were fed thus have problems. First of all the liver and kidneys suffer. Therefore if the owner loves the pet, then will give him expensive dry feed of a premium class. Contain in it necessary for growth and development of animal substance.

Healthy nutrition

It is necessary to know important things and about food from a table for a kitten. It is considered to be that cats very much love fish therefore it is necessary to give it in large quantities. It's not true. The excess of phosphorus is very harmful both to young, and to an adult cat, a cat. She can be given only once a week. From early age of kids having a tail it is necessary to accustom to porridges, vegetables, so these products – an important part of their diet. Meat – a basis of food of cats and cats. At early age they are given the buckwheat made on fire, oat-flakes. Add to them small cut boiled chicken or a turkey. Ratios of meat and grain 3:1. It is possible to add a little boiled carrots, a squash. If to accustom a kitten to such menu, then he will eat so all the life. If not to make it, then then it is almost impossible to replace a diet. Besides homemade food it is possible to give to kittens a dry feed of a premium class, but not to be fond of it. Otherwise the animal will eat only it. On the other hand, if the kitten is not accustomed to a dry feed, then hardly he will want to eat it then. Therefore it is better to accustom the kid to both types of food since childhood, but to give preference to the "correct" homemade food.

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