What to feed the somika the bore with

What to feed the somika the bore with

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Somika-prilipalu often call som sucker. Its present name "antsistrus". The main distinctive feature of this small fish – a way of movement. Somik sticks to aquarium walls in literal sense of this word and polzkam are changed by the location. During the movement the small fish not only cleans off a raid from aquarium walls the stomach, but also finds for herself a forage. Keeping of such assistants does not deliver absolutely any cares, however small fishes lack the found food sometimes therefore it is necessary to feed them separately.

Antsistrusa is small fishes of the small sizes with bright spotty coloring. Such somik can stick to any surfaces – to stones, glass, seaweed or decorative accessories in an aquarium. The green raid which is formed on walls and at the bottom of an aquarium – the main food for antsistrus. It is remarkable that eating a raid from seaweed, the small fish not only satisfies hunger, but also substantially helps to carry out the real cleaning. In aquariums where there live catfishes, the cleaning is carried out much less often.

It is better to keep in an aquarium couple of somik or one male and several females. During reproduction the males aggressively belong to each other. During the fights, not only serious wounds, but also death of weaker individuals are not excluded.

Mode of feeding of somikov-bores

Feeding of somikov-bores is carried out, as a rule, in the evening. At the same time it is recommended to turn off the light and to wait until other inhabitants of an aquarium fall asleep. Otherwise his neighbors can eat the forage intended for a somik. Pay attention that antsistrusa, as well as all catfishes, are very timid. In the afternoon they spend the main part of time in shelters – hide behind stones or shells, in snags or in special decorative lodges.

Despite quiet and peaceful character, somiki-bores very jealously treat the shelters. Quite often they even drive away other small fishes from the lodges.

If you are going to get an antsistrus, then pay attention that in an aquarium the place intended for a somik has to be surely prepared. This kind of fishes does not love bright sunshine and a daylight. Somiki-bores practically get on with any types of aquarian inhabitants.

What to feed the somika-bore withThe main diet of the somika-bore is made, as a rule, by special benthonic forages in quite large granules. However in addition these small fishes can be fed up cucumbers, the cabbage leaves which are previously scalded by boiled water or leaves of lettuce, a dandelion or even pumpkin pieces. Such types of a forage are put on a bottom of an aquarium and slightly pressed a stone. The live forage of a somiki-sucker is also used with pleasure. The main problem is that such food not always remains, it is eaten first of all by other inhabitants of an aquarium. If the crank or a trubochnik appears at the bottom, then somik will very quickly find favourite delicacy during studying the territory.

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