What vitamins to give to a cat

What vitamins to give to a cat

Vitamins are the organic matter necessary for full development of any living being. Health of cats especially depends on existence in their organism of a full complex of vitamins and minerals. If your pussycat is sick, bears posterity or just is in old age, she should give special vitamin supplements.


1. Vitamins for cats release in the form of tablets, powders and suspensions. Tablets give to a cat as delicacy, and powder forms of vitamins and suspension can be mixed with animal food.

2. There are 2 types of the vital vitamins for cats: fat-soluble and water-soluble. Folic and nicotinic acids, vitamin C and also group B vitamins belong to water-soluble vitamins. These substances are constantly removed from an animal organism together with urine therefore their stock needs to be filled regularly. Vitamins A, E, D, K belong to fat-soluble organic matter. Their excessive use can negatively affect health of your pet. Therefore before giving to a cat oil-soluble vitamins, consult to the veterinarian.

3. Each separate vitamin performs certain functions in an organism. So, vitamin A improves work of sight and strengthens immunity of a cat. Vitamin B is responsible for a condition of a woolen cover and skin of an animal. Vitamin C actively participates in a metabolism and strengthens immunity. Vitamin D is necessary for the correct formation of a bone tissue. Vitamin E is responsible for development of reproductive function of an animal, and biotin and fatty acids improve immunity and exchange processes in an organism, promote recovery of a liver and bring hazardous substances out of an organism.

4. To restore health of your pet, give it the all-strengthening vitamins. The A, D, E, C complexes for adult cats and kittens belong to them. You watch also that were present at vitamin supplements zinc, sodium, potassium, iron, magnesium and iodine.

5. If your animal struggles with any concrete illness, it is better to use the special adjusting vitamins. Vitamins for teeth, bones, joints, skin and hair of cats belong to them. There are also adjusting vitamins for the sterilized and aging animals. Such medicines differ from other vitamin complexes in more exact selections of dosages.

6. If your cat endures a stress in connection with moving, visit of the veterinarian, operation, etc., vitamins of the emergency action will help to calm an animal. Before their application, it is necessary to consult the doctor. Constantly it is impossible to give to the animal such vitamins at all.

7. If your kitty waits for kittens, add her diet with the polyvitamins containing calcium. In pet-shop there are special vitamin complexes for pregnant cats who contain minerals and fatty acids in the balanced quantity.

8. Vitamins C glucose and taurine will be very useful to the aging cats. These substances normalize work of sight and strengthen joints of an animal.

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